Friday, 12 July 2013

16th April 2013 - Great dinner at 봉추찜닭 ^^

Brought Ling to popular restaurant 봉추찜닭 to eat 찜닭 jjimdak ^^
Yeah...becos I wanted to eat 찜닭 ㅎㅎㅎ 
I think there is another restaurant nearby that specialised in 

Was it Andong Jjimadak? I believed both are just as good and popular.

Tuck in!!
진짜 맛있네!! Absolutely yummy!!

I felt this is something like our Chinese dish, braised sesame chicken 麻油鸡 but with a different twist. Although this was a little spicy for both of us but we loved it ^^ I wonder if we can request it not to be too spicy. This meal was so sinful. The gravy compliments well with the rice. I can easily polished off two bowls of rice with it!! We ordered the Korean beer and yes! Ling agreed with me that Korean beer tasted so much nicer than what we have in Sg...

Great meal!


  1. ah I ate this too but at their outlet in Hongdae. yeah it was super spicy but super yummy at the same time >_< . also I like that kimchi taste water so refreshing .

    1. Hmmm...kimchi taste water? I didn't try it though. Next time perhaps ㄱㄱ

  2. Yeah the one in the picture there where there's radish in it kkk..... You didn't try that ?

    1. Oh that's the one hahahaha. We finished up the radish but didn't drink the water.