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17th April 2013 - Finding my way to 카페 오시정 Cafe 5Cijung (가로수 길 Garosu-gil)

After my visit to the hospital, I took the subway to Sinsa Station,exit 8 for 가로수 길 Garosu-gil.
Yeap. Garosu-gil is one of my favourite spot in Seoul ^^
From exit 8, walk straight along the main road towards that tall building on the left in the picture.

Turn left as directed by the sign board.
It takes about 3 mins from exit 8 to reach this point.
My first stop in 
Garosu-gil is the cafe, 5 Cijung 오시정.

Saw School Food on my right after I turned left.
Walk straight after turning left.

Passed by this 棒棒美容整形中心.

Walk straight for about 5-10mins and you will see Starbucks on your left.
Make a turn to your left after you see Starbucks.

Walk straight after you turn left.
To tell you the truth I got lost when I reached here and managed to locate the cafe by luck ㄱㄱㄱ

Da taaaa!!! I found it ^^  

Here's the map if it helps...
It should take about 10 mins from exit 8 to reach Cafe 5Cijung if you are on the right track.

I like the ambiance of this cafe ^^

What attracts me to this cafe was the little toys that they placed beside their drinks and food.
I ordered lemon radish persimmon drink and it costs KRW9000.
 My impression of persimmon drink was sweet.
This was not sweet at all. Taste good?  Ok ok only...
The scone tasted good but could be better if served hot.
It was cold when served
ㅠㅠ many toys to play around for decorations.
You can check out this 
blog for the cafe's menu.
Next up is shopping ^^

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