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20th April 2013 - Breakfast at 청수정 and 팥죽 for dessert

The day started off with breakfast with my friend, Ling who is flying back to SG today. I brought her to 청수정 Cheongsujeong becos I wanted to let her experience the traditional Korean meal for breakfast. 청수정 Cheongsujeong is known for their rice cooked with sea mussels, dried clam, seasoned with soy sauce and sesame oil. I think she will like it. 청수정 can be reached from Anguk Station. exit 1 but we met up at Anguk station, exit 2 becos I wanted to show her the Bukchon Hanok Village. It was a gloomy morning and it started to drizzle ㅠㅠ  Rainy day is the last thing that a tourist would want on their vacations. Feeling lazy to get out of my bed but I felt my duty to let Ling experience Bukchon Hanok Village! Here's my description to Bukchon Hanok Village based on my earlier post.

This is somewhere near the observatory.
You can find stairway somewhere along this stretch of road.

Looking down from the side of the road.
Saw that stretch of road down there?   

You can find shops, cafes and restaurants on both sides of the road.

A close up on the beautiful cherry blossom  ^^

Find your way down to the road and follow the arrow.


Turn to your left once you reach the main road.

Take note of those wall murals.
청수 Cheongsujeong is located next to it as shown by the arrow.

Reached ^^

We wanted to try the complete Korean meal 홍합밥 정식 Honghapbap Jeongsik.
Not to worry if you are dinning alone becos they have 홍합밥 도시락 Honghapbap Dosirak.
So thoughtful ^^

Yeah! I love sitting on the floor ^^

홍합밥 도시락 Honghapbap Dosirak cost KRW8000.
Whereas, the 
홍합밥 정식 Honghapbap Jeongsik cost KRW18000 per person and a minimum of two person is required.

So delighted to see so many side dishes ^^
It reminds me of my first dinner with 재 in Seoul.
The restaurant that 재 brought me to, was more formal and they have more side dishes.
This is their 홍합밥 Honghapbap ^^
Its really really really YUMMY!!!
In fact, I can finish the rice without any side dishes! 

There is always a queue whenever I passed by this restaurant. Which means this is a popular place right?  Seems like this restaurant specialised in 수제비 which I will explain to my SG friends as our "Mee Hoon Kueh". Eating a bowl of piping hot 수제비 Sujebi on a cold rainy day sounds most comforting but I don't like to eat "Mee Hoon Kueh" at all. So passed.

I walked around the place from Samcheong dong to Anguk and did some shopping. I realised it was a bad idea to shop on rainy days becos I tend to buy more!! Saw this tiny shop at one corner of the street in Anguk and decided to try the 팥죽 Patjuk.

Fantastic!!  This is so niceeee ^^
Did I pay KRW5000 for it?
So far, the red bean bun and patjuk that I tried in Korea has a saltish taste and it tastes so good.
The usual ones that we have in SG is sweet.
Does all the red bean food products in Korea taste saltish?

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