Sunday, 14 July 2013

I hope, I wish & I pray.

All booked ^^  Just booked my flight and accommodation!  It will be this Autumn. Will be flying off from Spore on 4th October and flying back on 20th October. Sigh...the thought of flying back is always so demoralising. Arghhh...can I stay there forever????? 
This trip is going to be a leisure trip by waking up naturally every morning but come to think of it, I usually wake up very early hahahaaa  This time, I moved out of my comfort zone, Myeongdong and will be staying in Hongdae becos I have some plans for next year *Hopefully I can make it happen* Shall reveal when the time comes.
Whatever it is, I am most thankful and happy to be able to return to my second home once again!  I know I took longer than usual to update my recent trip this time. That's becos I was too distracted with my research for my upcoming trip in October  ㅎㅎㅎ 


  1. I stayed in nearby Hongik Uni when I was there and I love the ares. Hope you will love it like i did =).