Wednesday, 17 July 2013

18th April 2013 - Wonderful afternoon spent at 바우하우스 Bauhaus Dog café ^^

We returned to the cafe at around 2pm after our hair cut.

I am not an expert in dogs but I love dogs ^^

The cafe sells only beverages.

So excited to see so many dogs!
And I love big dogs ^^
The bigger the better!!

If you want their attention, buy a packet of dog food and they will crowd around you just like what this person did ^^

I bought a packet as well. The dogs soon crowd around me the moment I had the dog food in my hands. Waaaaa....It was the first time in my life to have big dogs standing on their back legs so close to me. It was a very fun experience ^^

I think they are regulars cos the dogs seemed to know them well.

This is my favourite!!
Such a beauty!

Emily's favourite.

He looked kinda sad...

Nope. The big ones are not bullying the little one.
The little one is the naughty one. Real naughty...

Love them so much becos of their white fur!
Cos white is my favourite color ㅎㅎ 

They got a friend ^^
Guess who??

That's their new friend!
Waaaa...I only see this dog breed on TV.
It was my first time to see it in person..It felt so unreal  *Pinch me

Big dog ^^
We spent quite a few hours in the cafe. Couldn't bear to leave. 
 I think I can spend at least half a day here..

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