Thursday, 11 July 2013

16th April 2013 - Easy way up 남산 Namsan this time ㄱㄱ

After lunch, I took the subway back to Myeongdong Station, exit 3 for Namsan Park and Seoul Tower.  

Finding my way to exit 3.

From exit 3, walk towards the Pacific Hotel.

Simply walk towards the direction of Seoul Tower.

Passed by this building on my right.

And this was on my left across the road.

You can see some eateries selling 돈까스 Tonkatsu along the road.

I heard the Tonkatsu here is popular but not too sure which one is the best ㅎㅎ

I crossed the road to get to the park. 

Not long later, I changed my mind to climb my way up to the tower becos I was reminded of my experience during my first trip here in 2011 Hahahaha I wanted to take the easy way up this time ㅎㅎㅎ Yes. I decided to take the cable car up to the tower.  Managed to locate the cable car station without much difficulties.

I bought the ticket for a round trip. 

Good disclaimer - No refund for round trip ticket even one-way use.


  1. i just fall in love with ur blog! full of information about travelling in south korea. i just can't wait to be there this October!

    just wanna ask ur about shopping tips. since i will be there in late October (31/10 till 11/11)and the weather must be below 20. so from ur experience, which shopping area that sell cheap coat/jacket but nice :)

    1. Halo Hidayah.
      Thanks for visiting my blog. Yeah it will be cold during that period. I did not keep a look out for winter jackets/coat during my trips but I saw some furry jackets at Namdaemun. Errmmm not my cup of tea though. I am not sure of the price and quality since I did not bother to check it out. I stayed in Myeongdong in my previous trips, it is common to see winter clothings everywhere. U may also want to consider getting some heat packs? Well I am not sure. Just a suggestion.

  2. owh tq btw. yup really need to buy that heat packs.

  3. Hello. I will go to korea this upcoming april. Is the weather is still cold on that time?? I will go on 15th April.

    I love your blog.. (^_^) <3<3

    1. Hi Hannie. From my previous trips, the weather starts to warm up in mid april but it could still be a bit cold in the morning and evening. If it rains, it will be colder. Enjoy your upcoming trip ^^