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15th April 2013 - My accommodation in Seoul - Nana Residence

So so happy to reach Seoul again!!  I reached Gimpo Airport at about 12pm. Spent some time at the post office before boarding the airport bus at 1.02pm. The bus was almost full. I was lucky to be able to get on the bus becos there was only one seat left! My accommodation in Seoul for this trip is still in Myeongdong. Hence, I took the airport bus 6001. I used my T money to pay for the bus fare. It cost KRW7000. 

Remember to show your ticket to the bus driver to retrieve your luggage.
The journey from Gimpo Airport to my accommodation in Myeongdong took more than an hour..

I alighted at Sejong Hotel and suddenly remember that I did not bring along the map and address of the accommodation! Based on my gut feel and memory, I managed to locate Nana Residence. How lucky I was ㄱㄱㄱ  Nana Residence is located behind Sejong Hotel. 3 mins walk from Nana Residence to reach the nearest subway exit, ie Myeongdong exit 10.

The only thing I do not like about this place is the door lock. They use manual keys instead of digital lock. However, before you can gain access to this passage way, you will need to tab a security device at the main entrance. There is also CCTV installed at every passage way.

Have expected the room to be this small after my experience with Seoul Green Residence in my previous trip. Nana Residence has "Mini Single Room" and "Single Room".  I chose the "Single Room" becos I think the mini room will be too squeezy. There are two types of ""Single Room".  The difference lies in, one has a window while the other type does not have a window. The one without window is cheaper by KRW4000 per room per night.  I chose the room without window ㄱㄱㄱ

Upon seeing the toilet cums bathroom, I conclude this place is a lot better than Seoul Green Residence.
A shower curtain to prevent the pedestal bowl, mirror and toilet roll from getting wet during shower. 

Two clothes hangers are definitely not enough for me.
No worries. 
You can borrow clothes hangers from the reception which is located on the 5th floor.

Dinning hall cums pantry is on the 5th floor. This is also where the guests have their daily free breakfast. My room is on the 6th floor. I came to the pantry everyday to take water since there is no portable kettle in the room. Housekeeping is not done daily but you can request if you need housekeeping. I did not request any housekeeping throughout my stay becos the room is so small. The receptionist told me I can bring any bags of rubbish here for the cleaning lady to put them aside. By the way, the fridge is not for guests.

I went to the nearby pharmacy to buy some medicines for my throat before I start my shopping spree. I lost count at the bottles of mineral water that I drank but my throat did not seem to get any better. I wanna get well for my second home!!!  I approached the 아줌마 at the pharmacy for some sore throat medicines. She did not look at me but placed this box of lozenges and a box of pills on the table. I asked her for the directions to take the pills. Her reply was, "Pay first than talk." might get offended by her response. Give her the benefit of doubt.  She probably can speak limited English ㅠㅠ  
Anyway, the highlight of this experience at the pharmacy is not the 아줌마. The highlight is this box of lozenges. This is the most expensive lozenges I have ever ate. I hardly eat lozenges becos they don't really work for me. I bought it becos I have no choice. Usually I will drink Chinese herbal tea and lots of plain water to get well. Guess how much this box of lozenges cost??  KRW20,000.  Yes and none of my friends believed me.  *Ouch
Did it worked???  Just like what the description on the box indicates. "For temporary relief......"

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