Sunday, 28 July 2013

21st April 2013 - Hiking up 인왕산

Take the stairway to access to the fortress.

The hike up the mountain was relatively an easy one.    

Almost there. 

At this point of time, you can't take picture of certain angles becos those angles are where the Blue House and the military base are located.  The signage of no photograph taking is in Korean. Obviously, I do not want to risk breaking any laws, so I asked a young army boy which angle was I not allowed to take pictures. He guided me in his fluent English and explained the reason to me.  

I stood on a huge piece of  boulder to take this picture.
Scary but the view was really spectacular!

Was that Seoul Tower from far??

Zooming in..

They went further up but I did not advance any further cos I did not want to reach Buam Dong too late. I think I can get to Buam Dong from here but I was not sure of the route. So, I took the subway and bus instead ㅎㅎㅎ

I did not take the same route for my return trip.  I just took the steps all the way down.

Koreans can picnic anywhere ^^

All this while I was wondering why the fortress looks kinda new to me. 재 told me part of the walls went through a recent reconstruction. Hence, that explains why.


Turn to your right when you reached the end of the steps. Again, there was a young army boy whom I approached to ask him for directions to Dongnimmun subway station. 

Go straight after I turned right.

Oh, there was another section of the fortress wall which I did not noticed.
I wonder where it leads to.

Anymore space??

Just walk down all the way..

Spring flowers ^^
The tiny blue flowers caught my attention. 

Passed by the Wild Flower Garden but did not went in to check it out.

Saw the temple?  This was the slope I was referring to in my previous post ^^
Up next is lunch at Buam Dong.

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