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19th April 2013 - Hidden gem at Naksan Park

Next stop is 낙산 공원 Naksan Park.
I walked over to Hyehwa Station, exit 2. 
Walk straight for about 2 mins and turn left. 
I think there is signboard to direct you.

Walk straight again after turning left. 

Passed by this cafe.

Passed by this cafe.  Continue to walk straight.

The road gets slight steeper as you walked up.

Walk on.

It gets a little steeper...

and steeper...

Wall murals ^^
 I remembered being here during my first solo trip.
 It took me about 10 mins from exit 2 to reach here. 

Steps are inevitable in Korea ^^

Climbed up the steps and turned to my left.
It would be nice to come here for a morning walk or even an evening walk.

At the end of the road, I came to a corner where there are some exercise equipments for people to work out. It feels like a mini gym here. At the other end of the corner is this fortress ^^ So happy to see this fortress ㅎㅎㅎ

Tiptoed to see what's behind the wall  ㄱㄱ

I love it here!

할아버지 caught my attention.

It was not just one elderly exercising here but everyone exercising here were elderly!! Where are all the youngsters?? It was a rare sight for me to see so many active elderly working out..Seriously speaking, I think the elderly Koreans are much healthier and fitter than our old folks back in SG. In fact, I think they could walk faster than many of the youngsters in SG. Definitely not bias to say this.  Ashamed to admit but I do notice the elderly Koreans walking faster than me, especially when it comes to hiking and taking the stairs...

Saw some walking trails below the fortress and decided to check it out.

So glad that I saw the walking trails ^^
It was a hidden gem below the fortress!
여기에 너무 좋아  ^^   I really love it here!!
Nice and peaceful to be here.
I think I want to come here for a morning walk in my next trip.  As early as 6am??
Hmmm....I will try ㅎㅎ
Do come here for your date if you are with your special someone ^^

Hmmm...I wanted to take a picture without anyone in the background. Waited quite a while but 아저씨 seemed to be enjoying his peaceful moment and I had to give up waiting for him to walk away ㅎㅎㅎ

Its also nice to read a book here if the weather is not too hot.

Oh, there is a residential neighbourhood here.

Steps again.
I wonder how the elderly folks made their way up and down the steps everyday.
 It would be normal but tough for them..
Why do I say so?
Becos I saw an elderly grandpa walking up the steps very slowly with his walking sticks.
Saddened by what I saw but at the same time, admire him.
할아버지, wish you in good health always.

오모! I didn't expect to see cherry blossoms here!
It was really a nice surprise ^^

No idea where I was heading to but I made my way down...

Wall murals again  ^^

Slowly made my way down as I explored the neighbourhood.
 It reminds me of Ihwa-dong though...

Something told me to turn back and I saw this! wonder this place reminds me of Ihwa-dong...
I am at the neighbourhood of Ihwa-dong.

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