Sunday, 28 July 2013

21st April 2013 - 비빔국수 for lunch ^^

I reached Buam Dong at around 1.30pm. Lunch at CHEERS first before I proceed to Sanmotoonge 산모퉁이. Yes, I'm going back to the cafe for a second time cos I like the ambiance ^^  Directions to Buam Dong can be found in my earlier post by clicking this link Getting to Buam Dong.

Huh?? No more CHEERS fried chicken??
I have been looking forward to it...
So sad 
ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ
The shop has changed its name and it looked deserted inside.

Saw this a few steps further down the former CHEERS eatery.
Decided to have lunch at 정영선멸치국수 Jeongyoungseon anchovy noodles.

Donkatsu is on the second level. Jeongyoungseon anchovy noodles is at the first level.

1) 멸치국수 Anchovy noodles KRW6000
2) 비빔국수 Bibim Guksu KRW7000
3) 손수제비 Sujebi KRW10,000 (I wonder if they mean handmade sujebi) 
4) 도토리묵무침 Seasoned acorn KRW14,000 (This is like a salad to me Yum Yum ^^) 
5) 녹두전 Nokdujeon Mung Bean Pancake KRW15,000 
6) 순수보쌈 Bossam Steamed/Roasted pork slices KRW 33,000 (Not sure what exactly is 순수보쌈 though)

I ordered 비빔국수 Bibim Guksu although many people ordered 멸치국수 Anchovy noodles.

A bit spicy for me but it was really delicious ^^
The kimchi banchan was also just as good!

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