Sunday, 14 July 2013

17th April 2013 - Dinner at 팔일삼 (Gangnam-gu)

Basically, today was a day of eating and shopping! 
Garosu-gil is not a very big area but I actually spent my whole afternoon there!! Hahahaa..I think that was becos I spent quite some time at the Saju cafe. Another friend of mine who happened to be Seoul called me for dinner. We met up at Garosu-gil and walked around to see if there's anything that whet our appetite. There were a lot of eateries at the back lane near Sinsa station, exit 8 and we settled for this eatery, 팔일삼 becos of its cozy ambiance.

Love eating in this type of eatery. Nice and cozy.

We ordered 부대찌개 Budaejjigae with 2 packets of 라면사리 ^^

계란찜 Korean Steamed Egg is a must for me ^^

My friend loves Korean 라면사리 Ramyeon Sari so much that she declared that she is not going to eat any more ramyeon when she returned to SG. She said the ramyeon does not taste as good as the ones in SG. I totally agreed with her but I will still eat ramyeon in Sg to temporary control my love sick for my second home ㅎㅎ

So cheap!!!!!!
I think they have a minimum requirement for food like Budaejjigae and BBQ.

Budaejjigae for 2 persons costs KRW14000. Steamed egg costs KRW5000.
 My bowl of rice costs KRW1000 and two packets of Ramyeon sari cost KRW2000.
You can't get this price in SG!
It was a fantastic decision to eat here!

It takes about 3 mins from Sinsa Station, exit 8 to reach 팔일삼.

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