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17th April 2013 - Kind and helpful Koreans. 너무 너무 감격 해.

Simple breakfast spread consisting of bread, jam, butter, cereals, hard boiled eggs and cup noodles at Nana Residence.

I decided to see a doctor after breakfast becos I realised I lost my voice when I woke up this morning ㅠㅠ  My throat has not been feeling well for the past few days despite the large amount of water that I have consumed. This was the second time in my whole life to lost my voice. The first time was early this year. I asked the receptionists for the nearest clinic or Chinese physician. The receptionists knew my concerns to get an English speaking doctor and the high medical fees for a foreigner. One of the receptionist helped me to call up the nearest hospital to check on the estimated medical fees and the availability of any doctor who understands and speaks English. Hospital sounds like a big thing to me becos in SG, we don't go to a hospital when we are sick. We usually go to a clinic unless its an emergency or some serious illnesses. Anyway, the receptionist gave me a map and the directions to reach the hospital, which is very near Nana Residence. She has informed the nurse that I would be at the hospital by 9.30am and will arrange for a doctor who speaks English to attend to me. Really grateful to her for making all the arrangement without having me to request her to do so 정말 감사합니다 ^^

Making my way to the hospital.
Saw this bus stop with the name of the hospital, 白病院  서울백병원 Seoul Paik Hospital.

Passed by a post office.  

A kind Korean 아줌마 saw me with the map and she asked where I was heading to. So grateful to her as well. She could not speak English at all but she was so nice to come forward to help me with the directions. How many people will approach you to ask if you need help with directions? The hospital is not difficult to locate at all but it does not have the English name on the building. Thank god I caught sight of the hospital. 

서울백병원 Seoul Paik Hospital.
It took me less than 10 mins to get here.
재 told me Paik hospital is a big private hospital.  

Ermm...I was not sure whether I came to the right department a not. 

I told 재 that I was probably the most excited patient in this hospital. It was more like an opportunity for me to see and experience as a patient in a Korean hospital! I think I was smiling with excitement as I stepped in the building! The pretty lady receptionist on the left saw me and I think she must be puzzled to see someone so happy in a hospital. 

I approached the receptionist and told her that I wanted to see a doctor for my lost of voice. I told her my hotel has called to make an arrangement to see a doctor who speaks English. She called somebody and within 3 mins, a young and pretty nurse came to me. I forgot to take her name but she speaks fluent English. Apparently, she knew that my hotel has called up to explain my situation. Hence, I need not explain to her all over again. She helped me to take a number and brought me to the second level to wait for the doctor. She told me Paik hospital is for both locals and foreigners. I think she also told me that the hospital belongs to one university. Correct me if I am wrong. The waiting time was less than 5 mins. The doctor who attended to me was also young and pretty. Why are there so many pretty nurses and doctors in this hospital?? Guys should be very happy to come here ㅎㅎㅎ  The doctor speaks English but not as fluent as the nurse. She asked if I wanted a jab. Nope. It should be two jabs, one on the arm and the other on the butt. 싫어. 안돼. Why do I need two jabs? The nurse said I will get well faster if I take the jabs together with the oral medicines. Ermmm...I don't want the scare of jab especially on the butt..hahahahaa...
Hmmm...Now I know why Korean dramas always have scenes on jabs on the butt.
I decided to take the medicines only, thinking that I should be okay with just the medicines and drinking lots of water. I also request the doctor to give me a medical certification in English to facilitate claims for my travel insurance. Medical certification in Korean cost KRW10,000 and KRW20,000 for medical certification in English. 

I felt like a VIP in this hospital becos the pretty nurse accompanied me throughout. She helped me to take a queue number, accompanied me to see the doctor and collected my medicines as well as the medical certification. She even help me to check my medical certification. Thanks to her for spotting a spelling mistake of my name, which is such a crucial element for my insurance claim. The bill was KRW137,550 including the fees for the medical certification. Fortunately, I bought travel insurance. I am not sure whether an English medical certification is required for insurance claims but since it forms part of the bill, why not.  Yes, I managed to claim the full amount from NTUC travel insurance without any difficulties.  

My medicines and something to gargle after meals.
 The pretty nurse wrote down the instructions in English for me.
I really can't thank her enough! 너무 너무 감격 해.

I really like the  Koreans' way of packaging their medicines.
Very thoughtful. You won't go wrong with the dosage ^^

I am really grateful to meet so many kind people. People whom you never met in your life. People whom you don't know at all. Such kindness that comes from them without any expectation really touched me deeply. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 很感恩能遇到好心人。祝你们能永远幸福安康。

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