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18th April 2013 - Getting to 신계치

Emily likes ramyeon, so I brought her to 신계치 for an early dinner after our visit to the dog cafe. We took the subway to Sinchon station exit 3. Walk straight from exit 3 and you will see Nature Republic at the corner on your right. Turn to your right as shown.

Walk straight down after you turn right.  

Yeap. Simply walk straight. Both sides of this street are lined with cherry blossoms. It may not be as grand as the ones I saw around National Assembly but it felt nice to walk along this street.

Walk straight for abut 3 mins and you will see 신계치 on your left.
 Toms N Toms Coffee is just few steps away from 신계치.

Saw an open-air stage near 신계치. Its really nice to be here in Spring ^^ 

신계치 ^^

CoCoICHIBANYA Curry House is located across the street, directly opposite 신계치.

1) 김콩라면 Gimkong Ramyeon 
(I don't know what is Gimkong Ramyeon but my guess is this bowl of ramyeon is cooked with Kimchi and bean sprouts.)
2) 신계치라면 Shin Geh Chi Ramyeon 
3) 짬뽕라면 Jjamppong Ramyeon. Spicy noodle soup
4) 참지덮밥 Tuna over a bowl of rice
5) 비엔나볶음밥 Vienna fried rice 
(I wonder how different is Vienna fried rice compared to the normal fried rice....??)
6) 라볶이 Rabokki. A combination of tteokbokki and ramyeon.
7) 잡짜 Jjabjja
(I don't know what is 잡짜 but I guess it could be a mixture of 짜파게티 Jjapageti together with other food like fish cake and cheese.)
8) 김밥 Gimbap

Outdoor dinning.

Indoor dinning.

Stressed when I first saw the menu. It took me a while to digest the menu.
Actually, it is not very difficult to understand them.
Big thanks to who gave a good explanation on the acronyms used. 
Really interesting to learn how the names of these dishes came about ^^ 

We were given a piece of paper to write our orders. write in hangul of course.  
We ordered 신계치 KRW3500 and 고기볶음밥 KRW5000.

and 짜파게티Jjapageti at KRW2500.
We chose the basic; no variations of cheese, rice or egg etc added.

신계치 Shin geh chi is a combination of ramyeon with egg and cheese.

짜파게티 Jjapageti
짜파게티 Jjapageti feels like a combination ramyeon and 자장면 Jajangmyeon but the taste of Jajang in this case is pretty mild in my own opinion.

This is simply awesome!
고기볶음밥 Fried rice with meat.  I think it should be pork in this case.
Though it tasted really good but we could not finish the whole plate of rice.
죄송합니다 이모 ㅠㅠ

The dotted line is the route that I took to reach 신계치 from Sinchon station, exit 3. The blue dotted line is the street where both sides of the road were lined with cherry blossoms ^^  I think 신계치 is a very popular place especially among the students studying nearby. The food is cheap and there are so many different combinations to choose to satisfy your taste bud. I will definitely patronise the eatery again in my next trip ^^

We shopped around the place after dinner. 
Walked from Sinchon to Edae shopping area. 

Bar Jie Jie ㄱㄱㄱ

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