Monday, 15 July 2013

18th April 2013 - Hearty brunch at 더 베이커스 테이블 The Baker’s Table ^^

The plan for the day was eating and exploring Hongdae and Sinchon area. The first stop was brunch at 더베이커스테이블 The Baker’s Table. I took the subway to Noksapyeong Station, exit 2. From exit 2, walk straight until you reach an overhead bridge.

You will pass by this underpass which will also lead you to The Baker's Table across the road. I took the underpass for my return trip since I was not very sure of the exact location of The Baker's Table back then.

Continue to walk straight from exit 2 until you reach the overhead bridge as shown in the picture.

Get across. The Baker's Table is just located next to the bridge.

My phobia of height sets in as I took the steps...

I wanted to check out this place after reading so many good reviews about it.  *Excited
It takes about 10 mins from exit 2 to reach The Baker's Table.

So cute ^^

A heaven for bread lovers.

Spoilt for choice. Its so hard to decide!

This apple tart looks delicious.
Regretted not eating it ㅠㅠ

I came here for their brunch but everything looks good!

Couldn't resist their bread although I will be eating the main dish as well.
I chose the egg tart and an onion bread.
The egg tart was a bit dry but the onion bread was nice.
 I preferred Portuguese egg tart ㄱㄱ

I ordered "The Baker's Table" becos I couldn't decide what to order.
You can have your choice of eggs done. 
Serving of potato wedges was really generous...
.....and you bet I was very very full... *Burp

I like the atmosphere of this place. Casual and relaxed. Hope to come back again in my next trip. I forgot to check the operating hours but online information states that it operates from 8am–9pm and closed on Monday. The place was fully packed when I left at 10am.  Up next is a visit to 바우하우스 Bauhaus Dog café.


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