Wednesday, 10 July 2013

16th April 2013 - Eating binge at Insadong

Took the subway to Anguk station, exit 6 for Jogyesa Temple.
Yeah. I came here to give thanks.
I am grateful to be able to come back to my second home once again ^^

I think they are preparing for the upcoming Buddha's birthday in May ^^Love the colourful lanterns ^^

Everyone was helping out for the occasion ^^

Walked over to Insadong after visiting Jogyesa Temple.
Bought 호떡 hotteok from my favourite stall.

So guilty to eat this...

Be careful as you took your first bite.
The filling will oozed out like hot lava! 

Lunch is up next at 툇마루 Tweet Maru. Been there once during my first solo trip and have been thinking about the Doenjang Bibimbap since then. Let me show you the way to 툇마루 Tweet Maru. From Anguk station,exit 6, walk straight till you see the Information Center and turn left into the main street of Insadong. Walk straight along the main street of Insadong till you see this place on your left.  It takes about 4 mins from exit 6 to reach here. 

Next, you will see this signage ahead.  Turn into your left as directed.

You will see this lane. Follow the arrows and turn right.

Da taaaaaa!! Once you turn right, you will see 툇마루집 ^^
It takes about 6 mins from Anguk Station exit 6 to reach here.

I went to the second level.

Lunch time is over.

I mixed the 된장 Doenjang and the veggies together with the rice ^^
Don't forget to add the "magic oil"!
Yeap! The sesame oil makes a difference!

진짜 맛있네!
Such healthy food! No wonder most of the Koreans are so slim!

I was on my way back to the subway station when I saw this 계란빵 Egg Bread!! should be 계란 치즈 빵 Egg Cheese Bread!! Hahaaa...계란빵 Egg bread is a common street food in Seoul but this was my first time to see 계란 치즈 빵 Egg Cheese Bread ^^  Although I was feeling very full, but I wanted to eat this ㄱㄱㄱ

Looks good but tasted so so ㅜㅜ

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