Friday, 6 December 2013

13 Oct 2013 - Getting my tax refund

I read a piece of good news on tax refund in Korea earlier this year. Tourists can claim their tax refund not only in Incheon Airport but also at downtown Seoul. Sounds good becos I can get the cash back for more shopping instead of getting the cash back at the airport. I do not have to use my SG dollars to change for more won, if I have used up all my won.  However, I came to realise that it is still troublesome becos I still need to join the usual queue at the custom to show my purchases(usually I don't) and have the tax free form validated. Actually, I never thought of claiming tax refund until Emily gave me a 'knock' on my head ㅎㅎㅎ  

I made my way to Myeongdong after checking out Farmer's Market. Claiming tax refund is such as a breeze after shopping in Myeongdong. Its important get your tax refund company right. Either the Global Blue Tax Free logo(Blue color) or the Global Tax Free logo(Orange color). There are two Global Blue tax refund counters in Myeongdong. One is inside this Woori Bank (Opposite Myeongdong Theater) and the other one is inside Lotte Department Store. Here's a link from KTO on the places you can claim your tax refund in Seoul.  

Yup. Opposite Myeongdong Theater.

Get ready your receipt, credit card and passport.
You need your credit card here but not at the airport.
A Chinese tourist did not have her credit card with her. 
She asked the staff if she can use her friend's credit card. 
The staff said no.
According to the staff, a credit card is not required for tax refund claims at the airport.

Hmmm..."Please check only three kinds"...
...."Global blue logo and barcode in receipt"....
....."Downtown is need a credit card"...
Incorrect but understandable....
I became a translator on a few occasions for some Chinese tourists to explain on some tax refund issues.
Of course, not in Korean but in Mandarin.
If only I can translate in Korean!!!! Argghhhh..
That is certainly one of my greatest wish!

Information from the tax free form.

The other tax refund company, Global Tax Free(Orange logo) also has a counter in Myeongdong. Located on the second floor of Olive Young(next to the Seoul Royal Hotel).
However, Global Tax Free accept only Visa, JCB and American Express. I did not bring my Visa, so I can only claim my tax refund from Global Tax Free in the airport.


  1. Great news! Now, even tourists can claim their income tax refund.

    1. Hi Brendon. That's really a pc of gd news indeed. Do u mean foreigners working in Korea? Pls enlighten me ^^