Tuesday, 10 December 2013

본가에서 점심 식사 (JB)

Just came back from JB.
Its the school holiday so I brought my mum and my niece to 본가 at City Square (Johor Bahru). 

The restaurant opens at 11am.

My all time favourite 순두부찌개 Sundubu jjigae ^^
I like this 
May be slightly spicy for those who dun take spicy food.
I don't like their 해물파전 becos there was too much flour.

All the grilling was done by the staff ^^
We preferred this 양념돼지갈비 Yangnyum Dwaeji Galbi to 삼겹살 Samgyeopsal.

Any guess what drink is this?
It was served as a complimentary drink after our meals.
It is Omija cha.
I like it a lot but mum and Kim do not really like it.

Overall, the food is ok but nothing super fantastic.
The meat was slightly tough and I wonder was it becos of over grilling or what.
Personally, the only WOW factor for me was the money paid.
Its so cheap!!!
Only $131.40 ringgit which means about SGD $51.50!!

I shall continue with my updates on my Autumn trip tomorrow...
So tired and sleepy now...


  1. haha! seems like you had a 50-50 experience with them? Anyway, if you're ok to travel abit further to their "mini kr town" (in JB), do tell me, I can give you a few address to try.. ^^

  2. argh...no idea why i cant post my ID..is yyann here btw.. ^^

    1. Hi Yyann! Ya...experience at JB 본가 was so so. Maybe their beef dishes are gd but I can't eat beef. I dun mind to go back again since its cheap Whahahahahaa... Mini KR town in JB sounds like a gd temporary relief for homesick Hahahahahaaa U can post the addresses here or drop me an email at dalkisiangyun@gmail.com at ur convenience ^^ Thanks a lot in advance! Hope ur planning for next trip is going well ^^