Tuesday, 24 December 2013

A second chance for 네네 치킨

Still unsatisfied with the Chicken Tenders which I ate few weeks ago.
I decided to give 네네 치킨 another chance by having their set meal.

The set meal costs $7.90. It consists of 2 pieces of chicken, a drink, Korean rice(of course) and radish. There is a promotion now for an additional piece of chicken at $1. Unfortunately, the spring onion flavour is only available for this set meal and tenders. I don't want tenders anymore. I want only drumsticks but they don't have it. Although I did not get a drumstick in this set meal but the meat was so tender! The sauce was so tasty! I loikeeeee ^^ Mum also said spring onion flavour is definitely more delicious than the ones we had.

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