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15 Oct 2013 - Lovely breakfast at London Tea on a rainy day ^^

It was a rainy morning and I felt really lazy to wake up.  Rainy days are best for lazing at home or on bed, 그렇지? I did not want to waste the day, so I dragged myself out of the bed reluctantly to prepare myself for the day. Since it was raining, I kept my itinerary simple. Just seeking out good food and shopping ^^ I wanted to catch a movie but there was no comedy. Yeah. I love comedy especially romance comedy.

I took the subway to Euljiro 3-ga station. Was it exit 1 or 2 that I took??
It does not matter since both exits lead to the place I wanted to go ^^
Still raining ㅠㅠ

Can't remember the name of this building but the place that I wanted to have breakfast is inside this building ^^

Found it!
Yes.  Breakfast at 런던티 London Tea ^^
It is very easy to come here.
About 5 mins walk from 
Euljiro 3-ga station.

I wanted to check out London Tea since my previous trips.
Finally, I have the chance!  *so happy
They have several branches in Seoul.
 I chose this branch becos its on the green line(line no 2), which was convenient for me to go to Myeongdong and Edae.
Green line, line no. 2 is my favourite subway line in Seoul ㅎㅎㅎ

Blankets to keep warm in the cold weather.

Again, greedy me wish I can try all on the menu!!
I had a hard time deciding what to eat!!

Looking here and there for my cup.
The "Suan Gu" (aka  frog in the well) me was trying to figure out how to drink this without a cup.
Was also wondering why this teapot has two handles ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

...and I took the first handle...only to realise how silly I was..
SOooo embarrassing when I realised the cup was just below the teapot! *바보  ㅠㅠ

My Pomegranate Oolong tasted really nice and refreshing  ^^
And what's this with a chunk of veggies on top???

Its Cranberry Cream Cheese French Toast  ^^
Cranberry...I loikee....
Cream cheese....I loveeeeeeeeeee.........
This dish can't go wrong for me!!
There was also a slice of bacon on top of the French toast.
I like the combination of savoury and sweet taste ^^
Btw, this is also one of their popular dish. 

Cream cheese!!
Maybe its not obvious in this picture but it tasted really good ^^
 너무 맛있네!

Cranberry ^^
Only a few cranberries were found in the toast but that was the right amount for me.
Too many will probably spoilt the taste.

Its not that cheap but I enjoyed it ^^
I wanted to come back again during my stay but did not get the chance eventually.
I will definitely be back again in my next trip!
I think the service crew told me that they are open at 7.30am.

Saw a strike going on outside the building as I made my way back to the subway.
Korea has so many strikes....Hmmm....

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