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17 Oct 2013 - Beautiful sky at 중랑천 Jungnang Stream

Ok, back to my Autumn trip 2013 updates. After having my Lunch at 찬양집ChannyangjipI took the subway to Sinseoldong station, exit 5 for my next destination - 중랑천 Jungnang Stream. I will need to take a bus from Sinseoldong station to Jungnang stream.

I think KTO gave me the wrong instruction by telling me to take exit 5, and cross the road to take bus no. 2233 from the bus stop in the middle of the road. I couldn't locate the bus stop "구민회관앞 정류장 Guminhoegwanap Stop" at this bus stop. I confirmed my doubts by asking the bus driver as well. He told me I have to take bus no. 2233 from the other bus stop, which was along the same stretch of the road. Remember I said the bus stops in the middle of the road confused me?? Yeah. This was another situation. There were a few bus stops in the middle of the road. I was amazed but confused at the same time becos although these bus stops may be along the same stretch of the road, but the buses go in opposite directions! Confusing? Yeah. Its hard for me to describe. You gotta see it for yourself.
The bus driver told me to cross the road so that I can get to the correct bus stop. That's exit 4 in the picture. Exit 4 and exit 5 are on the same side of the road. The bus stop opposite exit 4 should be the bus stop for me to take bus no.2233(If I did not remember wrongly). 

I think this is the bus stop where I should take bus no. 2233.
I saw the bus stop, "구민회관앞 정류장 Guminhoegwanap Stop" ^^
Bus no. 2233 arrived at 3.09pm.
There was English announcements on the names of the bus stops in the bus ^^
Not long later, the bus passed by 청량리청과물 도매시장. Cheongnyangni fruit and vegetables wholesale market. Hey, did I passed by here with the couple when we came for the Seoul Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Culture Festival??  I think so.
I reached the bus stop, "구민회관앞 정류장 Guminhoegwanap stop" at 3.35pm. 
However, the vocal announcement did not announce this stop as "구민회관앞 정류장 Guminhoegwanap stop". 
 I thought I heard something that sounded like 동대문 Dongdaemun!! *Blur 
I checked the bus route from the photo I took.
This should be the correct stop, so I got off at this "Dongdaemun something bus stop"
아...No wonder...
동대문 구민체육센터 Dongdaemun Residents Sport Centre.
This building was behind the bus stop.
I guess this building is a landmark but only the residents here will know.
Not foreigners like me...
There are only two buses at this bus stop.
Bus no. 2233
and bus no. 2112.
KTO did not specify which direction to go after getting off the bus.
I looked around and supposed that the likely direction should be across the road...
Cross the road and get up the stairs.
Saw a stream...
Is that the 중랑천 Jungnang Stream?????
The reason why I wanted to come here was after reading about the place from the internet. It said "The Jungnang Stream area extends over 5 kilometers and you can find a wide variety of greens including cabbage, radish, carrot, tomato. lettuce, and sweet potato all growing freely. The banks of the Hangang (river) here have running tracks, sports courts and cycling paths."
I think its nice to take a stroll here after meals.
I crossed the bridge to get to the stream.

I liked it here BUT where are the cabbage, radish, carrot, tomato. lettuce, and sweet potatoes???
Maybe I came at the wrong season??
Or maybe I should walk further down??

I think I came to the correct stream ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ but perhaps cycling along the stream will allow me to see more things. It may look boring but no regrets to come here. I did not walk further down the stream but decided to go back by taking the bus at the same stop where I got off. There are a few subway stations along the bus route. I got on bus no.2233 again and alighted at Janghanpyeong station. 

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