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14 Oct 2013 - Getting to 강화도 Ganghwa island

My cheese bagel for breakfast before my trip to 강화도 ^^
Finally, I get to eat a nice yummy bread from PB.
And yes, the itinerary for the day was a day trip to 강화도 Ganghwa island for 
보문사 Bomunsa temple.

I walked to the bus stop, "Hongik University Station" for bus no. 3000 to Ganghwa Island. This bus stop is located in the middle of the road as shown. I have to take the bus that goes towards Hapjeong direction. Hmmm...I'm confused with the directions and taking buses from the bus stops that are located in the middle of the road ㅎㅎㅎ

I will get off the bus at Ganghwa Bus Terminal.

Airport bus 6002 also stop here.
I think taking Arex is faster and cheaper.
It is about 10 mins walk from this bus stop to Boa Guesthouse. 

The bus stop is facing directly Y'Z Park.

Here comes my bus ^^
I got on the bus at 8.18am.
The fare was KRW1800(I think so) but I used my T money.

Spacious seating layout.
There was no English announcement on the names of the bus stops but the good news is Ganghwa Bus Terminal is the last stop ^^ I like last stop becos I do not have to worry whether I miss my stop a not ㅋㅋㅋ

I will be back in the evening.

I reached Ganghwa Bus Terminal at 9.45am. Went to the washroom before taking the next bus to the jetty at 외포리 Oepo-ri. From the jetty, I will take a ferry to 성모도 Seongmo Island. Once reach 성모도 Seongmo Island, I will have to take a village bus to 보문사 Bomunsa temple. Sounds complicated? Not really. I always enjoy the travelling experience but I get to learn and see a lot of things ^^  I think there are eateries on the second floor of the bus terminal as shown by the arrow.

Nobody inside the Tourist Information counter at 8.20am. Too early perhaps. Well, there was also nobody inside the counter when I got back here in the late afternoon. Two tourists left in dismay. The brochures were available only in Korean...

Some shops here.

I got on bus no. 37 at 10.02am and used cash to pay for my bus fare(KRW1300). I was informed by KTO that T money cannot be used on Ganghwa Island and Seongmo Island.

This was the bus stop where I got off to take my ferry to Seongmo Island. It was located outside 차부마트 Chabu Mart. Was there announcements on the names of the bus stops?? I can't remember. Anyway, even if there was announcements, it would be drowned by the bus engine noise and people talking on the bus. I asked the 아줌마 sitting beside me where to alight for 외포리 Oepo-ri. She gestured me to follow her cos she was also going to alight at the same stop as me. Great!  I reached this bus stop at about 10.23am.

Looks like there were other buses (30, 31, 36, 60 and 61) to this bus stop.

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