Wednesday, 25 December 2013

17 Oct 2013 - Food delivery that feels so homely ^^

I took the subway to Seoul Station for Lotte Mart to buy something.
First time to feel so sad when I saw the full moon..
It reminds me that it was about time to go back to SG.....

Oh!! I saw this at Lotte Mart. I heard about international shipping at Lotte Mart but never really find out more about it. The staff at the International shipping counter told me the shipping charges are different for different items and it cost slightly more than EMS, although they used EMS for shipment. 
Shit. If only, I know earlier that I can claim tax refund for my purchases here. Well, your purchases must be at least KRW30000 (If I did not remember wrongly). You don't get the cash back here but you must get the tax refund form in order to make your claims at those tax refund counters or at the airport.
Sad but I hope all good wishes will come true for everyone.

이게 뭐야?
I have been aiming to have food delivery service since the day I checked in becos Boa guesthouse prepared a very extensive menu for their guests. Just tell the receptionist what you would like to have. Give your payment to the receptionist and she will call the eatery for you. You can also have your meal in your room. The receptionist will bring it to your room. I had my dinner at the dinning hall though.

우와 ^^
So excited to see how they put the food inside!
Hahahahahaaa...Pardon me for being so ignorant.
This was my first time to call for food delivery.
Any idea what did I order??

네. I ordered 닭도리탕백반 Dakdoritang Baekban also known as 닭볶음탕 백반 Dakbokkeumtang Baekban for dinner. I hardly come across Dakdoritang for one person's portion, so I ordered this without second thought ^^ It looks a bit like curry chicken hahahaaa but it does not taste like curry chicken at all. This was slightly spicy but very delicious. In fact, I felt it was like home cooked food. Never thought food delivery could feel so homely. Am I homesick???? Erhhh....NOPE but this Dakdoritang reminds me of a dish which mum cooks. I will find a chance to cook Dakdoritang one day ^^

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