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13 Oct 2013 - 서울시 농부의 시장

Dunkin Donuts - My all time favourite breakfast in Seoul to start the day ^^
Itinerary for the day was to check out 서울시 농부의 시장 Seoul Farmer’s Market and shopping at Myeongdong.

Actually, I took a bus with the intention to get to Gwanghwamun Square but I think I took the wrong bus or the wrong direction ㅋㅋㅋㅋ  I still managed to get to Gwanghwamun Square without much difficulties.  I was confused by the bus stops that are located in the middle of the road. The stops are along the same stretch but operating two different directions. Confused yet so impressed with whoever that came up with the transportation system in Seoul. 
Anyway, I did not expect to see so many vendors here. Are they here for the Farmer's Market?  It doesn't look like.  I asked a staff at the information booth,"Where is the Seoul Farmer's Market?"  Her reply was, "I don't know." 

I walked around the area and saw that there was some festival going on.
농부의 시장 어디에??
I have missed the Farmer's Market several times and I really do not want to miss it again.

Oh....It was Seoul Arirang Festival.
And what happen to my Farmer's Market??

I was impressed by this duet.
The little boy was good!

I found the Farmer's Market  at last ^^
They were located at the other corner of the road.

I have always wanted to try this!

I was very full but I still want to try this *greedy

The guy gave me an extra piece and told me its service ^^ Oh yeah! I loikeee it when the Koreans say, "Service" cos it means freebies ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ The chicken looks good 맞죠???? Hmmm...looks is does not taste as good as it appeared to be. Nothing wrong with the taste but the chicken was at room temperature and felt kinda soggy. 미안. I think the radish tasted a lot better.


I contemplated for a long time whether to get this a not...
In the end, I did not becos I was too full and I did not want to carry the tteok with me ㅠㅠ

I wanted to try these but I didn't >~<

He is a funny chap.
For the first time in my life, I have somebody introducing himself, "Hello. I am a farmer."

I got to know a farmer!
How many of us can get to know a farmer?? 

I think he was selling goat cheese but I did not try it.
I know what is 오미자차, so I tried 복분자음료. 
 It tasted very nice ^^
복분자음료 tasted like Raspberry drink. 

Hence, I asked the guy was it a raspberry drink and he said, "Yes". As shown in the above picture, 복분자음료 Raspberry drink as indicated by the yellow arrow. 오미자차음료 Omijacha drink as indicated by the blue arrow. 오미자차음료 Omijacha is available in both warm and cold. They guy did a search using his smartphone and showed me this. Rubus Coreanus. chim(ie so profound). According to Wikipedia, Rubus Coreanus is also known as the Korean black raspberry. I asked him was there any syrup added. He replied,"Yes".

서울시 농부의 시장

These vendors were not part of the Farmer's Market.
It was easy to identify them becos they were not selling any agriculture products. 

It looks like a flea market.

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