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14 Oct 2013 - Getting to 성모도Seongmo Island for 보문사 Bomunsa Temple

"X" was where I got off from bus no. 37, right outside 차부마트 Chabu Mart. Walk straight as shown by the red arrow to get to the jetty. The jetty is somewhere in the 11 o'clock direction as shown by the blue arrow. Big thanks to the 아줌마 who was sitting beside me. Otherwise, I will not know which direction to take after getting off from the bus.

Walk straight and cross the road.

Walk straight and you will see this.
From here, turn left.
Remember the jetty is somewhere towards the 
11 o'clock direction.

Yup. That's the place to buy the ferry ticket. 

So happy and relieved to reach here ^^
It took about 5 mins from 차부마트 Chabu Mart to reach here.

My ferry ticket to Seongmo Island at KRW2000. The jetty at Seongmo Island is 석포리. Remember to keep this ticket for your return trip. There is no need to buy another ferry ticket from Seongmo Island back to Oepo-ri becos this is also a round trip ferry ticket between 외포리 Oepo-ri and 석포리 Seokpo-ri. 

Just in time for the ferry ^^ 

So many seagulls and more to come!

Many Koreans bought prawn crackers to feed the seagulls.
So many seagulls swarming over my head!

Yes. We were on board of the ferry.

The ferry departed at 10.35am.

And reached 석포리 Seokpo-ri at 10.40am.  The ferry ride was only 5 mins. 

From the jetty, walk straight as indicated by the red arrow.
I have to buy my bus ticket from the ticket counter as shown by the blue arrow.

A small ticket counter right in the middle of a carpark.

You have to tell the staff where you want to go to.
I told him, "보문사".

I reached here about 10.45am and the next bus is 11.10am.
Which means I have some spare time...
Take note of the departure time from 
보문사 Bomunsa Temple as well.

My bus ticket to 보문사 Bomunsa Temple.
It is a ONE WAY ticket. 

Everyone is waiting for this village bus to 보문사 Bomunsa Temple.

I spent my time eating ice cream which I bought from a convenient store nearby.

There were many eateries near the jetty.

The village bus departed at 11.13am and reached the bus stop for 보문사 Bomunsa Temple at 11.25am. This was the bus stop where I got off. There was no announcements on the bus. How do I know if I have reached?? I was not very sure but my gut feel said so and I also confirmed with the bus driver. 

Oh, they used incense coil to keep away the flies!

I think this fried food is a local speciality becos all the stalls outside the eateries were frying the same thing!

Facing the shop at the bus stop, I made a right turn and followed by a left turn as shown. 

There were many 아줌마 selling things along the road side.

Up we go. This is the road leading to the temple.
There are eateries along both sides of the road.

One of the ladies called out to me and asked me to try the fried stuff.
She was too friendly for me to reject.
Oh! The fried stuff was actually shrimps in batter.
맛있네 ^^
She asked me to go inside the eatery and have my meal.
I told her I will be back after I visit the temple.
She smiled and said she will wait for me! 
Actually, I did not really mean it but I will eat there if she remembers me later on. fresh ^^

Two different colors of radish and they are still freshly rooted to the soil!
Pardon me! Cos this is really something that I won't get to see often ㅋㅋㅋ
I only get to see them in the markets or supermarkets ㅎㅎㅎ
Reminds me of my childhood song, "拔萝卜".
How I adore the countryside of Korea....
Such a nice getaway from the city life.

Ya...I always say I like these big Korean pots a lot  ㅎㅎㅎ
I don't know why but I just like them a lot.
I think these big pots are called 
옹기 Onggi.

Get your admission ticket from the ticket office as shown by the arrow before entering the temple compound.

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