Monday, 23 December 2013

Grateful, Thankful, Happy & Sad

Just came back from dinner with 재 at Toa Payoh. I was overjoyed when he told me yesterday that he will be here. Although his stay in SG is less than 24 hrs, I am still very grateful, thankful and super happy to be able to see him again. Never thought I can still see him before 2013 comes to an end. It was a short 2 hours of meet up with him but 我心存感恩。I brought him to eat Zichar 煮炒 (一家村南村海鮮) at a coffee shop in TP. I think its good to let foreigners experience local daily lifestyle. Zichar 煮炒 is part of our local eating culture, isn't it?

Beancurd with Chai Po.
"Chai Po" is Hokkien which refers to dried radish.
The beancurd tasted superb when its served hot.

Sambal Sweet Potato leaves.
Mum always cook this at home and its one of my favourite vegetable dish ^^

Honey dew prawns in thousand island dressing.Yum!

재's favourite. Salted egg crabs.
I am very happy that he enjoyed it ^^

....And I really really really hate GOOD BYE!!!!
This cup of Gong Cha become so precious to me....
Its 23.03 now.  OZ752 should be flying off anytime.
Dun know will we ever meet again but I miss you so much already.

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