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14 Oct 2013 - Almost miss the bus ride back to 석포리 Seokpo-ri

Is this the local speciality?

아줌마 bought several bottles of those shrimps. 
That's not all.  More 아줌마 and more bottles to come.

Here comes the village bus back to the jetty. 
It arrived at 1.28pm.
I realised everybody had a bus ticket in their hands.
Oh dear! I need to buy a ticket too!
Totally forgotten all about it becos I did not see any ticket office around.

Somebody directed me to go to one of the stores to buy a ticket.
Everything happened too fast and I did not have time to take note of the store.
It was somewhere there as indicate by the circle...
I remembered the store was not too far away from the bus stop.

Even if I can't give directions to this store, I have to take this picture so that you can identify the place. The moment I stepped into the store, I saw bus tickets of different colors on the table. A granny was in charge of the tickets. I told her where I wanted to go and she quickly gave me the ticket. It should be KRW1200. Granny was very kind and she was so worried that I missed the bus! Sorry for this blur picture. It was really a snap and go situation becos I got to rush for the bus. The bus was driving off but the bus driver stopped for me to get on the bus. 정말 감사합니다. I am so grateful to him. Otherwise, I will need to wait for another hour for the next bus to come along. Till now, I am still wondering whether I can simply pay cash to the bus driver instead of buying a bus ticket from the store. It does not make sense that I can't pay cash to the bus driver. Well, I don't know.

On my way back to the jetty...

I am still curious of that island in the middle of the sea.
What island is that??

Reached 석포리 Seokpo-ri(Jetty). 

Walking towards the jetty to board the ferry.

This 아저씨 is a very kind person. I was not sure whether the ferry ticket was a round trip ticket, so I stood in front of the ticket office wondering if I should buy the ferry ticket a not. 아저씨 seemed to know what I was thinking(or perhaps he was on the same ferry as me when I came here).  He gestured me to walk towards the ferry without buying the ticket. 아저씨 정말 감사합니다 ^^

I wondered who was more excited, human or seagulls??

The kind 아저씨 also join in the fun of feeding the seagulls. 
He showed me how to do it.
I wonder why seagulls like crackers.
Its not proper food afterall ㅎㅎㅎ

There were so many seagulls and they were fearless!
Frankly speaking, I was worried that one of them will bang into my face ㅋㅋㅋ

I like the island and the people here.
 They were such nice and kind people.

I got back to the jetty at 외포리 Oepo-ri and walked towards the bus stop where I got off in the morning. Actually, I had no idea where to take the bus back to Ganghwa Bus Terminal. Remember 차부마트 Chabu Mart? It was diagonally opposite from where I stood. The place where I stood to take this picture is also a bus stop. Many people waited at this bus stop and I followed them ㅎㅎㅎ

If its useful to anyone...
I don't really understand the route although I can make out that these two buses go back to the bus terminal.

Bus no. 37 came along and one 아줌마 asked the bus driver.
After much talking, everyone moved over to the the bus stop outside 차부마트 Chabu Mart. 

That's right.
We waited for bus no. 30 at the same bus stop where I got off this morning (outside 차부마트 Chabu Mart).

Quickly snapped a picture of this.
So does that mean I can use my Cashbee here??
I always carry it with me!

Bus no. 30 reached Ganghwa Bus Terminal at 3.14pm.  I forgot to take note of time taken for the return trip but I felt the return trip took a slightly longer time though. My initial plan was to visit 광성보 Gwangseongbo Fortress after 보문사 Bomunsa temple. Well, I decided to leave that for my next trip since my sense of direction is super lousy when night falls. Yes. I will be back ^^  Bus no 3000 was about to drive off and I quickly hop onto it. The bus drove off at 3.20pm and reached the bus stop, "Hongik University Station" at 4.53pm.

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