Wednesday, 11 December 2013

15 Oct 2013 - Disappointing dinner at Hongdae

It was drizzling most of the time and the weather was so cold.
After walking around Hongdae, I walked back to the neighbourhood near my guesthouse to look for my dinner.
Turn left from Hongik University Station, exit 3 and walk straight as directed by the arrows.

Turn right at the roundabout.
The eatery that I went for my dinner is somewhere "there" as shown by the blue arrow.

After turning right at the roundabout, I turned left and walked straight towards the direction of the blue arrow.

The eatery is shown by the arrow. 

It was quite easy to come here.
Took me about 5 mins from exit 3 to reach here.

Early dinner for me cos I want to go back and have a early rest for tomorrow.
I like this kind of eatery.
Small and cosy ^^

  1. 돼지구이백반 Grilled Pork set meal (Comes with rice and banchan)
  2. 동태탕 Dongtaetang (Some kind of fish soup)
  3. 부대찌개  Budae Jjigae 
  4. 김치찌개 Kimchi Jjigae
  5. 된장찌개 Doenjang Jjigae 

I think there are set meals available for 2 people. If I am not wrong, I think you can also request for additional servings of grilled pork at KRW5000 and ramyeon at KRW1000. Not too sure about the bibimbap but its a smaller portion than usual I think. Perhaps its available when you order a set meal?? Eh...I am not sure. Just a wild guess. Guess what did I order?

I ordered 부대찌개  Budae Jjigae becos Budae Jjigae is usually available for two or more people.

Looks good but not as good as it appears to be.
The soup lacked the taste.  Quite disappointing.
I think the eatery is popular for their 돼지구이백반 Grilled Pork set meal.

I will come back again to try their 돼지구이백반 in my next trip ^^

The dotted line was the route I took from Hongik University Station, exit 3.
After dinner, I walked to Sinchon for some window shopping becos I wanted to digest my food before I sleep ㅋㅋㅋ

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