Saturday, 28 December 2013

김씨네 에서 저녁 식사 (싱가포르)

I am soooo full now....too full to sleep ㅠㅠ Just came back from 김씨네 with my friends.  김씨네 has two outlets. One at Alexandra Rd and the other at Thomson Road. Thomson road is more convenient for us.  I chose 김씨네 becos they offer quite a number of authentic Korean dishes which I seldom see in other Korean restaurants in SG. Fortunately, I called up to check and realised that the outlet at Thomson does not have most of the dishes I wanted.

I asked over the phone, "Do you have Andong Jjimdak 봉추찜닭?"
Staff replied,"No. But Alexandra has."
I replied, "Oh. Do you have Jjampong 짬뽕 ?"
Staff replied, "We don't have Jjampong here. Alexandra has."
I asked, "Do you have Gamjatang 감자탕 than??
Staff replied, "Oh, only Alexandra has."
I replied, "Huh. Than what do you have at Thomson Rd outlet?"

Korean food is not just about BBQ.
I am so happy to see so many varieties here!!

Sad to say, side dishes are non refillable ㅠㅠ

김치볶음밥 Kimchi fried rice
This should be my favourite among all the dishes today ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

One look, Jo and I know this 해물파전 Haemul Pajeon cannot make it...
Too much flour used.
Ever since we tried the seafood pajeon at 낙서파전, we find it difficult to accept other seafood pajeon ㅎㅎ

새우 죽 Prawn porridge.
 in Korea are much nicer.
This one was too bland but healthy food and especially great comfort food for those not feeling well!

해물짬뽕탕 Seafood Jjampong tang.Jo's fav of all the dishes.
I "transforme
d" my rice into 짬뽕국밥 by putting my rice in my soup.
얌얌 ^^

봉추찜닭 Andong Jjimdak.
Emily and I were looking forward to this.
Sadly, it did not meet our expectations.
That chicken smell which I dun like.
Whenever I eat chicken, I tend to be quite "sensitive" of the chicken smell.
The tanghoon aka glass noodles and potatoes were nice though.
I requested them to make this dish a little spicy, otherwise they will not add chilli in it(I think so). 

They allowed us to order 반반 ie half of the original taste and the other half is the chilli fried chicken. 12 pieces of chicken altogether. The original flavour was nicer but still not up to our expectations as well. The total bill was around $181. Will I come back here again?  Maybe. For the sake of my 감자탕 cos it is one of my top favourite Korean food ^^ 

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