Tuesday, 17 December 2013

16 Oct 2013 - Finding my 도시락

I made my way back to Jamsil station for some shopping at the Lotte Department Store. I bought something and was told that I can claim for tax refund at the Tax Refund counter. Oopss. Can't remember the Tax Refund counter is at which level. Well, you can't get cash back here. They only prepare the forms for you, which is still a necessary step for the claim. 

I went to take the lift.
Shit. My heart almost dropped when the door opened.
Too late I had already stepped in and there were people behind me.
If you have followed my blog since last time, you would have know that I am terrified of HEIGHT!!
This is not high at all but the transparent glass walls freaked me out.
Only people who fears height will understand how I felt  ㅠㅠ

It was not as scary as I thought.
I remembered looking at this lift from outside when I was meeting 재 the other day.
Back then, I was still thinking to myself,"Aiyo I don't want to take this lift".
Hahahahaaa..Yeah...I never like lift with transparent glass walls..

This sentence really caught my attention.
"I am a dancing 先生" LOL
"先生" means MR.

I knew I got the correct direction but I just couldn't locate the Dosirak place that I wanted to go. Angry leh
After walking several rounds in the vicinity, I decided to take a rest at the cafe at 상상마당 SangSangMadang. Maybe the staff at the cafe will know the Dosirak place. 

What I saw when the lift opened.

Quite a nice place here but I still want my Dosirak for dinner.

My multigrain beverage at KRW6000. I asked the waiter and the cashier whether they know about the Dosirak place(순이네 다락방). Unfortunately, both of them did not know the place. I decided to give up my search for the Dosirak place and settled for another place I had in mind.

Guess where is this place.
Its "I am a dancing 先生"
So it become like this when night falls.

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