Sunday, 8 December 2013

14 Oct 2013 - At 보문사 Bomunsa Temple

My admission ticket(KRW2000) to the temple.

It may not look steep but it was really steep!
I really salute the Korean elderly folks!


I was looking for this place..
Where is it??
아!!  Is that the place??

Here I go!
Are these wishes?
May all your good wishes come true ^^

Yup. This was what I was looking for.

Yay!! I have reached ^^

It was not really difficult to walk up here.
Took me less than 15 mins??

Many devotees came here for prayers.
There were also people who came here to check out the place.
Ok. Its time to go back.

When I say its steep, its really steep...
Where possible, I tried to take the steps by the side so that I do not have to exert too much pressure on my knees.

That was the eatery where the friendly lady gave me the fried shrimp fritter.
And yes! The lady saw me and welcomed me into the eatery with a big smile ^^
 I shall have my lunch here.

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