Friday, 13 December 2013

16 Oct 2013 - She made my day ^^

The itinerary for the day was a trip to 남한산성 Namhansanseong Fortress. 

Its breakfast time at Dunkin Donuts cos I wanted to try their new burger ^^

I have to take this picture becos this Korean lady is a very nice lady. The place was packed. The service crew told me that I had to wait 10 mins for my burger. That's fine with me. 10 mins is not that long. I took the receipt and found a table near the counter. No buzzer was given. You have to stay alert for the service crew to call out your order. They do not and will not be able to remember each and every customer. While waiting for my order, this Korean lady came up to me and asked if its ok for her to put her bag on the seat beside me. Sure. No problem at all ^^

She stood beside me as she waited for her order. She appeared to be quite anxious. The service crew called out something which I could not really hear. The service crew saw me but did not acknowledge me, so I assumed she was not calling out my order.  Nobody went up to the service crew when she called out the order. So, the Korean lady approached the service crew and collected "her order". I was thinking, "How come hers is faster than mine??"  

At this point of time, the Korean lady also found herself a table. She put "her order" on that table and came back to take her bag. She looked at my receipt(which was on the table all this while) and asked me something which I could not remember. I only remember that I nodded my head. I think we ordered the same meal and she must be thinking the same thing, "How come mine is faster than hers?"  She realised that she has taken my order instead, so she quickly went back to her table, took "her order" and brought it to me. 

I was so surprised by her act of kindness!!! She could simply act blur or ignored but she did not. How many people will bother and care for a stranger?? In the first place, we might not be bothered or be aware that we have taken somebody's order by mistake especially if food ordered is the same. The lady continued to wait for her order. I can't thank her enough. I walked up to her to thank her again before leaving the place. 너무 감사합니다 언니. You made my day ^^

Sausage, cheese and egg burger. 
One of their new burgers.
I wonder if its only for a limited period of time.

Cheap and yummy!!

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