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18 Oct 2013 - Getting to 일자산 허브천문공원 Mt. Iljasan Herb Astronomy Park

I took the subway to Cheonho station, exit 6 for Herb Park.  

From exit 6, walk straight for about 3mins and you will see this sheltered bus stop.

Online information states that bus no. 300 and 307 go to the Herb Park.

This is also the airport limousine bus stop.

I knew the park was not too far from the subway station.
Online information said to get off at Gildong Park stop/Gildong nature & eco park.
Bus no, 370 arrived at 11.46am.
There were English and Korean announcements of the bus stops names on the bus.
10mins passed by but I have yet to hear or see anything that said "Gildong Park stop/Gildong nature & eco park."
I got off the bus, not knowing where I was.....

I crossed the road and took bus no. 370 back...
This bus stop is "상일여고입구 Sangil Girl's High School".
I decided to alight at "길동사거리 Gildong Junction" becos that was the only "Gildong" I saw on the bus route.......

Announcement of the bus stop in Korean.
The next stop is "길동사거리".

And also in English ^^
"길동사거리" refers to Gildong Junction.
I got off at "Gildong Junction" at 12.19pm and took a taxi from there.
The taxi fare started from KRW2400 and I paid KRW3400 for a 5 mins taxi ride.
The taxi uncle told me something but I forgot what he said.
Was there some surcharge?

Take the stairs up the hill.
The Herb Park is on top of the hill.

I think the place is quite big and Herb Park is only part of it.

A story which I don't understand...

Reached ^^

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