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10 April 2012 - Haewoojae Mr Toilet House (Suwon)

Any idea where is this place??
Answer : Mr Toilet House

Mr Toilet House, Haewoojae means a house to satisfy anxiety. Although my picture does not portrait anything that looks like a toilet but this building was modelled after the shape of a toilet. I learnt about this place last year and I didn't expect that I could see it in this trip to Suwon!!

I really admire the founder of this place. He was the late Sim Jae-duck who was also the founder and first president of the World Toilet Association (WTA). How many people would think of improving other's life through improving toilet hygiene?? 

In 2007, Mr Sim built and lived in this two-storey house designed in the shape of a toilet which he named Haewoojae (meaning a place where one can solve one’s worries).The Sims lived in it for two years until his death in 2009. His family then donated Haewoojae or Mr Toilet House to Suwon city, who turned it into an exhibit hall. Today, Haewoojae is a icon representing Korea’s toilet culture and work is ongoing to build a Toilet Culture Park around the house.
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Suwon is said to has the most beautiful toilets in the world. I wasn't aware about this! If I had know it, I would definitely make a trip to their toilet even if I do not feel the need to!
We had only about 20 mins to check out the exhibit hall.  No time for us to explore the surroundings of The Toilet House. The places on the maps looked interesting but Jihye was not sure whether these places shown on the map were ready for visitors a not.

You can also be a toilet angel  ^^  

Interesting  ^^

In this modern world, people just want their toilet to be located as conveniently as possible.   

"The further a toilet is, the better" makes a lot of sense to me too because the sanitary system in the olden days was not as developed as now.

Looking at these pictures reminded me of the story that Jae told me about when he used to visit his late grandparents' hometown.

Mr Toilet  ^^

The surroundings of The Toilet House looked deserted.  That was why Jihye wasn't sure if those places reflected on the map were already built a not.  Anyway, we didn't have much time to explore.  If possible, I would love to be back again.   Mr Toilet House is a interesting place to check out.

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