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11th April 2013 - Wasted a lot of time waiting for city tour bus ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ

Actually, I was not sure whether I can only take bus no. 17 since there were so many other city tour buses in the carparks.  To play safe, I waited for bus no. 17. It arrived at about 1.50pm. my interpretation was correct?  Yes, for now. 

The second stop on the island tour was 동안경굴 (검멀래) Dongankyeonggul 東岸鯨窟. It was not far from the first stop, 지두청사 (우두봉 ) Jiduchungsa 地頭靑莎. I reached here just before 2pm. So far the time follows according to what I have interpretated. Which means, the next bus should arrived at 2.30pm.  I did not do much research about this attraction, 동안경굴 (검멀래) Dongankyeonggul, but only knew that it has a black sand beach. 
Anyway, I managed to find an interesting article by JejuweeklyI am NO fan of symphony orchestra but I thought it is very unqiue to have a concert inside the cave. Imagine how the music vibrates in the natural cave surroundings. Music therapy!! I would love to experience this personally if I have the chance to visit Udo island again ^^ Well, the article was published in 2009. I wonder if the concert is still conducted annually. I hope so..
Unfortunately, I did not see any 해녀 women divers when I was there.

That should be the black sand beach.

I wonder how I took this photo...

The tour bus left shortly after we got off.
I have about 20~25 mins to walk around the place.

Should I walk to the black sand beach?
I knew myself too well...I think I better not since I don't want to miss the bus.

Reluctantly, I walked back to the spot where the bus stopped to alight us.
Soooo tempted to check out the black sand beach as I waited for my bus.

There are some eateries across the road.
 I saw this store selling the peanut ice cream while waiting for the tour bus.

Yes! My second peanut ice cream within an hour ㄱㄱㄱ
I was not satisfied with the peanut ice cream I ate just now.
This Korean guy was very friendly and speaks very fluent English!
He told me this peanut ice cream is very popular in Udo, and I have to eat it to know the taste.

This was so much better!
The peanut toppings makes the difference.
Nice aromatic chopped peanuts.
Ehh....Ice cream with toppings are always nice, isn't it?
Anyway, morale of the story when you visit Udo island?
Buy the peanut ice cream with toppings.

The Korean guy gave me this chocolate as well ^^
Thank you!

Oh! One can take a jet boat as well ^^

It was darn cold becos of the strong wind. I thought the bus will arrive at 2.30pm. Time passed by. I became very anxious becos there was no sight of bus no. 17. I waited at this spot at about 2.20pm and I was pretty sure that I did not miss bus no.17. There were many other island tour buses that came along. However, they only alight the passengers and did not want to pick up any passengers. There was no signage for the island tour bus stop. God...I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw bus no.17 at about 3.40pm. The bus driver hesitated to allow me and another tourist to board the bus but we got on anyway.

Soon after we got on the bus, it made a left turn and stopped outside this store which sells ice cream. This could be the pick up point for passengers to board the bus. So, its a different spot for boarding and alighting. There were many people boarding the bus. It was so packed that passengers need to stand at the entrance steps. This store is only two minutes walk from where I got on the bus! Till this day, I do not know whether I have missed the bus or whether I can get on any of the tour bus. 
I wanted to catch the 4.25pm bus leaving for Jeju si, so I have to take the ferry that departs at 4pm. Since I have wasted a lot of time waiting for my bus, I decided not to visit the rest of the attractions of the tour. In fact, many passengers did not get off the bus for the rest of the journey.  

KTO 춘희언니 gave me the bus schedule for Seongsan port to Jeju bus terminal.

성산부두 → 제주 번영로선(Seongsan port → Jejusi :Beonyeong-ro) bus at Seongsan port)
Departure time schedule from Seongsan port as follows:
6.30,7.15,8.10, 9.00, 9.45, 10.40,11.30, 12.20, 13.10, 14.00, 14.50, 15.35, 16.25, 17.20, 18.10, 19.00, 19.45, 20:40

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