Sunday, 2 December 2012

14 Oct 2012 - At Cheongpyeongsa Temple 청평사

I have reached ^^
There were many interesting things along the way and I forgot take note of the time taken to reach here. Initially, I was still a bit worried when I learnt that it will take about 40 mins from the port to reach here. I guessed my previous two hiking experiences made this "hiking" trip so much easier.  Getting here was more like a stroll in the park.  The day got hotter as it approached noon.  I was perspiring by the time I reached here.

Colourful lanterns never fail to delight me!
May all the good wishes came true. 

*Picture taken by S3

*Picture taken by S3 and effect by Instagram

I feel like eating them...

Alrite its time to make a move.
안녕 청평사..

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