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18 Oct 2012 - Getting to 하늘공원 Haneul Park

After meeting Jae, I took the subway to World Cup Stadium station, exit 1.  Jae asked me whether I know how to get to Haneul Park.  At that moment, I realised,"Hey, I didn't really research on that!"  Hahahaaaa but I nodded my head.  Really happy that I can get to see Jae again and so sad to say bye to him.  The mode of depression set in once again at the thought of my last day in Seoul.  Arghhh...I don't like this feeling at all.

Homeplus!  Supermarket never fail to make me excited ㅋㅋㅋ

I didn't know which way to go from exit 1 and I got distracted by the lovely foliage ^^


The housings remind me of our HDB flats!

Nice place to sit back and admire the lovely foliage ^^

I decided to walk back to exit 1 and walk straight from there. 

I walked towards the direction of Peace Park (평화 공원 Pyeonghwa Park).

I asked a security guard for direction to Haneul Park. He asked,"English?". I thought he could speak English and I was so happy. It turned out that he meant he couldn't speak English. Nevertheless, he was still very helpful by showing me the way to the park using hand gestures. 감사합니다!
From exit 1, walk straight until you saw the East Gate on your right. Walk up the stairs.

Keep to your left. 

Keep going. 

Follow the arrow.

Walk straight for about 3 mins and turn left again as shown by the arrow.

Follow the arrows.
As you reach the bottom of the pavement, turn to your right and you will see a carpark.  Walk straight for about 5 mins. 

Walk through the carpark.

Ok, I am in the correct direction ^^

Saw the zigzag stairway on the hill?  When you walk past the carpark, you will see this zigzag stairway from far. It should be somewhere on your right if you are coming from my direction. I asked an 아저씨 for directions again. I was so surprised when he pointed to the stairway and said,"Many many stairs!"  Hahahaaa This 아저씨 was very cute. 너무 감사합니다,아저씨.  It will take about 10-15 mins from the stadium to reach here.

Walk towards the zigzag stairway. Haneul Park is up there.

Ready, get set...Go!

하늘계단 Sky stairs. 
So there are a total of 290 steps to reach the sky?  Hur Hur

View from the stairway.

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