Saturday, 15 December 2012

Quick bite at 본촌치킨(Singapore)

Went to Bonchon Chicken 본촌치킨 with my friend last Wednesday.

We were not hungry but we wanted to try the fried chicken ^^

As always, I couldn't resist not to have my all time favourite 해물순두부찌개 ㅋㅋㅋ

My favourite way to eat my 찌개 ^^
It was a little bit spicy for me but bearable.  However, I find this sundubu jjigae a bit too "modernised" for me. Why do I say that? The toufu was nicely cut into small cubes. The prawns were shelled and there were small pieces of scallops. And abalones(I think)..I actually prefer toufu to be in chunks and unshelled prawns(though I am a bit lazy to shell the prawns). 

We didn't order this. I think this was complimentary becos they forgotten about fried chicken.  I reminded the waiter about our fried chicken.  He checked and came back to tell me that I have to wait for another 5 mins.  Not long later, another waitress came and presented this to us.  She said, "Please enjoy this while waiting for the chicken."  Wow.  This was something we did not expect. Thumbs up for the great service!

Our fried chicken arrived about 10-15 mins later but that's ok. We ordered 3 pieces of soy garlic flavour fried chicken becos we felt we couldn't finish 6 pieces and this left us craving for more! Yes, we will be back for more fried chicken!  I personally feel that the fried chicken at Bonchon and 4 Fingers are both equally good ^^

Juicy yummy fried chicken!  

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