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16 Oct 2012 - Back to my favourite place in Seoul

I reached Dong Seoul Bus Terminal at 4.28pm and took the subway back to the hotel to freshen up myself before heading down to my favourite place in Seoul. My favourite place in Seoul?  반포대교.               
Took the subway to Express Bus Terminal and decided to have my dinner there.
There were a number of eating places at Express Bus Terminal and I settled on this place.

My all time favourite, 순두부찌개!
Ooooo...this sundubu jjigae was quite spicy for me but still bearable.
The lady who took my order was from China.
 Her Chinese accent was very strong and I have to listen hard to catch what she said. She was quite a chatty lady ^^

Made my way to exit 8 after my dinner.  From exit 8, walk straight, pass Mega Box, and saw this underpass.  This underpass was under construction when I was here in April this year.  Here's my earlier post on Getting to Banpo Bridge.

Oh, the place is now an underground mall.  There are a number of eating places here.  

Look for exit 4 in the underground mall.

Took the left exit as directed.

Walk straight after coming out from the exit.

It was Family Mart previously.  Family Mart has renamed itself as C U.

This is the bus stop where I took bus no. 406 back to Myeongdong.
It will be a 20 mins bus ride.

Pass C U and continue to walk straight.

Saw this along the way.
습도 sounds almost similar to its Chinese pronunciation, 湿度.
18.5 degree Celsius that evening but it was not cold at all.

I walked straight until I reached this traffic light. I walked straight to reach Banpo Bridge in my previous trip but this time, I decided to cross the road(as shown by the red arrow) to reach the bridge.  

I couldn't resist not to press this button becos in Singapore, I am used to press the button for the green man! I was taken aback when it started flashing and there was some verbal announcement when the traffic light showed green man. I met a new friend,란 and if I did not remember wrongly, she told me this button is meant for the handicapped.  Oops pardon me for my ignorance 죄송합니다.

Walk straight into the underpass to reach the bridge.

Continue to walk straight. It took about 5 mins to reach here from the traffic light.

Keep to your right.
The bridge is about 5 mins walk from here.

I saw the bridge from far.  I find it is faster to reach here using the underpass. 

I was so glad to be back again.  Reached here at 8.20pm.
 Enjoying the beautiful night scenery as I waited patiently for the musical fountain to start.

The weather was good and many Koreans were eating and chatting by the river. I noticed the water level was slowly rising but nobody seems to move. It was actually very dark unlike what you saw in this picture. I brighten the picture to show you the water level.  It never occur to me that the water level will keep rising becos I didn't notice this in my previous trips.

The water level covered the pathway within few minutes. I was still enjoying the night scene and observing the rising water level without realising what is going to happen..

This picture will give you an idea of my situation at that point of time. Something told me to turn around. 오모 I was shocked to see the water level crept higher and higher, covering the pathway behind me as well. Without second thought, I quickly tiptoed through the water but still could not avoid getting my shoes wet. These two girls in the picture were beside me and unaware of what was happening until some kind Koreans shouted out to them. Many Koreans urged them to cross over but they hesitated.  Thinking back, I should have alert them when I discovered something amiss.   

They were stranded there and the water level kept rising. I felt the strong Korean spirit when I heard so many Koreans encouraging them to cross over quickly. Shame on me for not asking the girls along. Everything was happening too fast. Okie, excuses...I could have done better..

At last, they summoned their courage and ran across.  *Applause
What an encounter!
I waited till about 8.45pm but there was still no sight of the musical fountain. Decided to make my way back to the hotel.  I heard a voice calling out, asking for direction to the subway station as I was walking towards the bus stop. There was nobody beside me, so I turned around and saw a Korean girl talking to me.  Oopss 죄송합니다.  I didn't know that she was calling out to me! From here, I met my new friend and her name was very unique. Her name was 란 and 란's English was pretty fluent. She didn't know that I was a foreigner hahahaa  괜찮아 Its ok!  I am most happy to be thought as a Korean! Hahahaa  란 told me the musical fountain should be coming up at around 9pm. come it was so late this time?  I didn't wait for the fountain to begin and took bus no. 406 back to Myeongdong.  Although I didn't get to see the musical fountain this time, I was happy to know 란 ^^  I will be back in my next trip becos 반포대교 is my favourite place in Seoul for a special reason. 

I took bus no. 406 and reached Myeongdong in about 20 mins.
Bought a churro  *Heck care the calories

It looks too yummy to resist!

Bad decision made cos this churro was not properly cooked.
Its crispy outside but inside was wet and mushy..  

This is the first time I upload an English song in my blog. It was a popular song during my school days. Woww...and that was decades ago ㅎㅎㅎ  This song has been in my head, on my mind lately.  Yes.  I miss you like crazy.

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