Friday, 7 December 2012

15 Oct 2012 - Gapyeong City Tour

My breakfast Paris baguette which I bought last night. Omg...its so tough!
Today, I'm going to visit two very touristy places.
 They are Nami Island 남이섬 and Petite France 쁘띠프랑스.

I managed to catch the ITX in the nick of time!
The train departs at 8am and I reached the station at 7.55am!

Again, everyone started sharing their food once they settled down on their seats.  An 아줌마 took my window seat but I told her its ok becos I think I would probably dozed off instead of admiring the scenery  -__-

아줌마 offered me some candies and gave me half of her 옥수수.  옥수수 sounds almost the same in Mandarin 玉薯薯, which is also known as 玉米.  옥수수 is very common in Korea but I have yet to taste it. I thought it will taste the same as the ones I always eat in Singapore. No, it doesn't taste the same. This is more rubbery in texture and bland in taste. Whereas the ones in Singapore's Pasar Malam(Night Market) are more saltish becos magarine or salt is used to cook the corns. Obviously, this is much healthier than the ones in Singapore's Pasar Malam but I preferred ours! Hahahahaa
Corns are also commonly used to boil soups in Chinese cooking. I wonder do Koreans use corns in their cooking as well?

Took the ITX and reached Gapyeong station at 8.58am.
It was really cold....brrggghhhhh...

What I saw after I came out from Gapyeong station. The Tourist Information Centre is right outside the train station but it is not shown in this picture. I planned to take the city tour bus to get to Nami Island and Petite France becos it will be cheaper.

Approached the Tourist Information Centre to ask where to take the city tour bus.

The city tour bus stop is located opposite Gapyeong Station. 

The Tourist Information Centre told me to follow this group of 아줌마 becos they were also going to take the city tour bus.

Three young Thais asked me if this was the place to take the city tour bus. I told them I am a tourist just like them and I was told to follow this group of 아줌마.

Useful timetable to plan your trips.
It will help to save transportation cost in taking taxi.

The city tour bus arrived at 9.08am and departed at 9.10am sharp. The city tour costs KRW5000 per person and it allows one to hop on and off at any stop with a single ticket.  An 아저씨 from the Tourist Information Centre advised the young Thais to take the taxi becos it would be cheaper. Yes, it is cheaper to take the taxi only if they are not going to another destination on the city tour route.  Otherwise, it would be cheaper to take the city tour bus. 

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