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15 Oct 2012 - 남이섬 Nami Island

There were many tourists when I reached the island at 9.50am.  


Guess where is this place.
This is the 화장실(toilet)!
I wonder why they put books here. 

I felt its still a bit early for 2013.

My only impression of Nami Island was beautiful rows of trees.
Well, this was not the most beautiful row of all.

Trying my best to have the best of both worlds, the beautiful sky and the beautiful foliage!

Waaaa  정말 예쁘 ^^

안녕 ^^

Three straight rows of trees! many 까치!
Koreans believed that magpies deliver good news and invite good people.
This was my first time to see so many magpies.
Does that mean I'm going to have a lot of good luck coming my way?? ㅋㅋㅋ

Are you bored by my pictures??  They are almost similar, right?!!  I felt this area was the prettiest part of the island becos I could only see the changing foliage in this area.  That's why I spent a long time taking pictures here.  Hahahaaa

Beautiful Autumn.
A group of tourists shook the tree real hard becos they wanted to take beautiful pictures of the falling maple leaves.  Its not a big group of tourists but about 5-6 people in their group, which was bad enough for the poor tree becos they took turns to have their pictures taken with the falling leaves as the background scenery.  

Nature is beautiful in its own way in every season.

Rainbow  ^^

I felt they were the symbolic figures of the island.

There were so many people...
Too many people made it very difficult to take pictures..
I quickly snapped a few shots before the crowds start to build up.

I did not watch the drama, "Winter Sonata" but only caught a few glances of the last episode.  That few moments was enough to make me cry for quite a while.  I think this should be the bicycles used in the drama. 

May you rest in peace, 박용하.
I hoped and I wished there will not be more of such sad incidents.

They looked delicious  ㅎㅎㅎ

I am not a fan of mochi but decided to try this Korean style mochi, 찹쌀떡. this
Do correct me if I am wrong.

오모!! 이건 진짜 맛있다!!
This is really delicious!!

Chinese Dim Sum! 난 좋아 but its fattening ㅎㅎㅎ
There were a few other eating outlets on the island.

Guess what's in there?

Piping hot steamed buns ^^

And they are 찐빵 red bean buns!
I like red bean buns but have yet to try the Korean version.

I was surprised with the taste!
It tasted a bit saltish but yummy!
I have never eaten a saltish red bean bun before.
The ones we have in Singapore was sweet.

I saw this when I was making my way back to take the ferry.
Wish I have more time to try this out.

She is such a sweetie ^^

Beautiful Nami Island in 4 different seasons.

Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.
Kawan Kawan (Means friend friend in Malay) ㅋㅋㅋ

Ermmm...Something so familiar but yet so unfamiliar..
Our dear merlion looks strange...

Library in a forest ^^

Ah...I only saw this when I was making my way back to take the ferry ㅜㅜ  Click Unicef if you want to know more about this organisation.  Unicef also has partnerships with some majar airlines and Asiana is one of them.  If you are travelling on Asiana especially on your return flight from Korean back to your own country, do contribute your unused Korean won generously. All currencies are most welcome ^^  The cabin crews will collect your contributions when the plane is near its destination.

I liked it here ^^
*Picture taken with S3, effect by Instagram

I happened to come across this trail by chance and it became my favourite place on Nami Island.

Took the ferry at 12.43pm becos I wanted to catch the city tour bus which will arrive at 1.15pm for Petite France.  Give yourself ample time to get back to the city tour bus stop becos the next bus to Petite France is 3.15pm.  The carpark was fully packed by the time I left the island.  Thank goodness I came early..

What's that?

Bungee Jump!
Something which I will never ever attempt.
I think I will faint just by standing there on top...

I went back to the bus stop where I got off this morning.  

The bus stop was next to the 7-11.

Oh, I realised there was also a city tour bus stop directly opposite the 7-11.

So which bus stop to go for??  Many tourists were puzzled just like me. Not to worry.  You can always confirm with the bus driver when the city tour bus arrived.  Eventually, I boarded the city tour bus at the bus stop opposite the 7-11 for my next destination, Petite France.

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