Saturday, 15 December 2012

15 Oct 2012 - Juk at 빚은

It was 6.30 pm when I reached City Hall station for dinner.  I have to take exit 7 to get to the place that I wanted to go but exit 7 was sealed up and City Hall seemed to be undergoing some renovations. Of course, the exits are usually located nearby each other.  I can always use another exit to get to my destination but I didn't want to try my luck since I am terrible with directions at night.

Walking around aimlessly looking for eating places that appeals to me.
 I wanted 죽 Juk ㅜㅜ

잠깐만 요!   I saw 죽 ^^
I thought 빚은 Bizeun sells 떡 Tteok but they have a cafe for porridge as well.
Great!  I can have my juk ^^

The menu is available in Korean only. I wanted Kimchi juk as shown on the menu but the girl shook her head and showed me a big "X" by crossing her hands. Ok, I understand that. In Korea, if the Korean do not speak much English, he/she will show me a big "X" by crossing their hands whenever the answer means a "No". 

I ordered abalone porridge 전복 죽 and Omijiacha 오미자차, 五味子茶.  The porridge looks plain and boring right?  As the saying goes, "Never judged a book by its cover".  This is so true. This bowl of porridge was so tasty!! The only imperfection was the pieces of abalone which were so tough to chew. Its probably cooked or heated up for too long. Usually, abalone are not meant to be cooked for long since they can be eaten raw. The soup in the small bowl tasted really good as well!  I wonder what was that.  Some people feels that juk(porridge) is meant for people who are sick. Well, not for me.  I love juk and I love Korean juk ^^

Happy becos I satisfied my cravings for juk ^^

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