Sunday, 9 December 2012

15 Oct 2012 - Getting to 남이섬 Nami Island

My city tour bus ticket. 

The first stop was 남이섬 Nami Island.
The city tour bus dropped me here and I walked towards the tower.

Cold weather but glaring sunlight.

Passed through the carpark to get to the ticket counter for my ferry ride ticket.

I reached the "immigration" at 9.15am.

My ferry ticket for a round trip.

Where I waited for the ferry..

잠깐만 !
I saw something so familiar ^^
Majulah Singapura!
I love Korea very much, but I am always so proud to be a Singaporean!

So spacious!
I thought the ferry will leave soon after me and a few tourists got on board but NO.
They waited till the ferry was fully packed and we waited about 30mins for the ferry to be packed.

Spent my 30 mins looking at the beautiful sky and clouds.
Yes, I miss the blue sky and clouds.
네. 미치게 보고 싶은 

I think this tower is the Namiseom Zip Wire.
Nope. Not for me who is terrified of heights...

안녕 beautiful sky and clouds!
Thank you for the beautiful weather!!

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