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14 Oct 2012 - Ferry from Soyang Dam to Cheongpyeongsa Temple

Saw this when I got off bus no. 12.
I reached Soyang Dam at 10.36am.
It took about 25 mins from Chuncheon Station to reach here.
Soyang Dam was the last stop on the bus route.
From here, I turned to my right and walked straight all the way to buy the ferry ticket to 
Cheongpyeongsa Temple.

It was cold but I felt great!
Nice weather nice surroundings  ^^
It was so nice to walk by the dam!

Soyang Dam 소양호

Keep on walking straight.

Walk on

Walk down the slope. 

Cross over.

The ferry point as well as the place where you buy your ferry ticket. There are a few counters selling ferry tickets to other destinations as well.  Make sure you go to the right counter.  The red arrow is pointing to the counter where I bought my ticket to Cheongpyeongsa Temple 청평사.

The red arrow is pointing to the time table for ferry departing from the Dam 댐 to Cheongpyeongsa Temple 청평사. The next departure time was 11am. The green arrow is pointing to the time table from Cheongpyeongsa Temple 청평사 to the Dam 댐. I paid KRW6000 for a round trip ticket.

청평사 here I come ^^

While waiting for everyone to board the ferry.
The fery departed at 10.55am.
I thought it was stated on the timetable that it would depart at 11am.
Probably becos it was already packed with people.  
  I think I was the only non Korean on board! I liokeee ^^

Nice ^^

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