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14 Oct 2012 - Jungdo is closed for redevelopment

I got back to the bus stop at Chuncheon Station and approached the Tourist Information Centre to confirm if I can only take a taxi to Jungdo Island 중도. Actually, I have already ask KTO(Singapore) about this but I always like to confirm again. Guess what?? The Chinese lady in the Information Centre said something like, "船已经停办好几个月了。没船到那里." She said the ferry to Jungdo Island 중도 had already stop operation for months!  What??!!   I was like blur for a moment when I heard what she said. How can it be?? I can still see the web page for Jungdo Island.  I was very sure I heard her right and I even show her the words, "Jungdo Island 중도".
I emailed to KTO(Singapore) a few minutes ago. Yeah, I have forgotten to email them to clarify on this. Will update their reply here once they revert to me.
(Ok, I got a prompt reply from KTO on 6 Dec 2012.  Their reply as follows :
Hi, we have called Chuncheon City and were then informed that Jungdo is closed for redevelopment. There is currently no date set for reopening.  As the information we provided to you were taken from their website (both English and Korean) which did not state the closure status, we were also unaware that the island is closed for redevelopment.  We apologise for the inconvenience caused to your trip and thank you for alerting us about the closure.")
Well, I am not angry but just disappointed that I couldn't visit the island.  Appreciate KTO(Singapore) for their clarification.

Alright, back to my trip. I was supposed to take the 7.10pm ITX back to Yongsan. Which means I have about less than 5 hours to go. What should I do now? I didn't want to check out the other part of Chuncheon anymore. I just wanna get back to Seoul earlier.  Prior to that, I must eat my 춘천 닭갈비 Chuncheon Dakgalbi! I will be very sad if I did not eat this local specialty.  Actually, I have eaten Chuncheon Dakgalbi during my package tour to Korea many years ago. I can still remember how good it was ^^ 

The Chinese lady at the Information Centre told me that I can take bus no. 11 or 150 to Chuncheon Myeongdong, and the bus stop to alight will be "Myeongdong Ibku 명동입구". Well, I did not see "명동입구" on the bus route though.  Anyway, she told me I can take bus no. 11 or 150 from the bus stop as shown by the green arrow.  Including this bus stop, "Myeongdong Ibku 명동입구" will be the third bus stop where you alight.  Alternatively, it is also possible to walk from Chuncheon Station to Myeongdong and it will take about 15- 20 mins.  

Bought an blue berry flavoured ice cream to comfort myself and deciding whether I should take an earlier train back to Seoul.  Just as well since I forgot to bring out my extra camera battery.

My final decision was to take an earlier train back to Seoul. Of course, that will be subjected to seats availability. There is no counter at the ITX train station. All tickets are purchased from the machines. Oh dear, who can I ask about my ticket?

I approached a security guard nearby and he gestured me to go into this room.  There was a Korean lady on duty. I asked her if I can exchange my ticket for an earlier time back to Seoul or rather Yongsan.  She checked the system and told me only standing tickets left.  I agreed but she hesitated and told me it would be tough for me to stand all the way back to Yongsan station becos the train ride will take about 1 hr 10 mins.  Despite me assuring her that I am absolutely fine with standing, she still hesitate but eventually give in becos I insisted.  I really appreciate her kindness but I just wanna get back to Seoul as early as possible.

I think there was some refund but I didn't really check.
  Departure time was rescheduled to 5.10pm.

About 2 hours left before heading back to Seoul. I decided to walk to Myeongdong. Facing the main road from Chuncheon Station, walk straight all the way as shown by the red arrows.

I took the opposite side of the road to get to Myeongdong(as shown by the green arrow).  You need not follow exactly my directions. Simply walk straight for about 15-20mins and you will reach Myeongdong.

I took this underpass to get across the junction.
There were some shops at the underpass but I did not stop to shop.

Saw this when I came out from the underpass.

I saw the bus stop, "명동입구" near the underpass.

I crossed the road and saw the signage for the Dakgalbi Alley ^^

I turned left just after Bean Pole.

Thereafter, I saw many restaurants and they sold one common dish, Dakgalbi 닭갈비.

춘천명동 닭갈비골목 Chuncheon Myeongdong Dakgalbi Alley

I walked to and fro the alleys a few times becos I couldn't decide where to eat.
It was already 3.30pm but most of the restaurants were still packed with customers.

Finally, I settled on this restaurant becos there were few customers in it. I was not worried whether the dakgalbi would be less tasty than the other restaurants becos I think the taste would be almost similar.  I preferred a place with fewer people so that I can take pictures without causing much disturbance to others.

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