Sunday, 16 December 2012

16 Oct 2012 - Getting to Daegwallyeong Samyang Ranch 삼양목장

I woke up late this morning and rushed out without having any breakfast. The itinerary for the day was a visit to Samyang Ranch 삼양목장. I visited Daegwallyeong Yangtae Ranch 대관령 양떼목장 during my Spring trip 2012, so I decided to take up the "challenge" to visit Samyang Ranch 삼양목장 in this trip. Both ranches are in the same area and why do I say its a challenge to visit Samyang Ranch?  That's becos my bloggers mentioned that Samyang Ranch is much bigger than Yangtae Ranch and walking around the whole ranch would be rather challenging. The shuttle bus service serving Samyang Ranch is only available from 30 April till mid Nov. Hence, I thought I will visit Samyang Ranch when there is shuttle bus service. 

Anyway, I took the subway to Gangbyeon station 강변역, exit 4 for Dong Seoul Bus Terminal.  The bus leaving for Hoenggye 횡계 was supposed to depart at 7.10am and I managed to reach the ticket counter at 7.07am!  Decided to take the risk and went ahead to pay for my ticket becos the counter staff told me the next bus will depart at 7.40am.  I made it in the nick of time. Oh gosh it was really a mad rush. I mentioned in my earlier post on how to get to Dong Seoul Bus Terminal and here's the link, Getting to Dong Seoul Bus Terminal.

An 아저씨 took my seat and even sit part of the seat beside becos he put his bag on the seat. He mumbled something which I couldn't understand. I had to squeeze myself to the edge of the seat. It was very uncomfortable and I decided to change to another empty seat after 10 mins. I should have done it earlier since the bus was quite empty! 바보. The 2.5 hours journey to Hoenggye 횡계 would be a torture,if I have obediently followed the seat number assigned to me.  Yeah..I knew this is not right but it was really uncomfortable. 

The bus reached 장평 Jangpyeong Bus Terminal at 9.08am and drove off again at 9.15am. It reached Jinbu Bus Terminal 진부공용버스정류장 at 9.30am, picked up some passengers and set off again at 9.37am.  All this while, I kept a look out for anyone who just board the bus, just in case I have taken their seat.  Fortunately no.

Taking note of the bus schedule once I reached Hoenggye 횡계 Bus Terminal.
I reached the bus terminal at 9.55am.

As mentioned in my earlier post, Getting to 대관령 양떼목장 Daegwallyeong Yangtae Ranch,  there was a taxi company opposite the bus terminal.  I got on a taxi at 9.57am. 

I haven't had my breakfast, so I bought this from Hoenggye 횡계 Bus Terminal. Chose this biscuit randomly off the shelf but it turned out to be a very good decision! Its so yummy that I couldn't stop eating until I saw the calories level on the packaging...1105Kcal!!! Omgg...I stopped eating the moment I saw the calories level. I will probably buy a dozen back to give my family and friends on my next trip. Hahahaaa...It was only KRW2000 for a roll.  It felt a little chilly that morning. I saw the temperature shown in the taxi. It was 14 degree Celsius.

The taxi ride took about 10 mins and cost KRW12000 as agreed just before I took the taxi.  The ride was a pleasant one becos I didn't expect to see the orange foliage!  행복해 ^^

The taxi driver dropped me at the carpark and the ticket office was there.

Timetable for the shuttle bus service.
Shuttle bus does not operate throughout the whole year.

Admission ticket KRW8000.

After purchasing the ticket, walk straight and cross this bridge to get to the shuttle bus stop.

Walk straight from the ticket office to get to the shuttle bus stop.

The shuttle bus stop.

I can't wait to be there on top!!

Took this picture from the bus.  I was so excited to see the cows!
Hahahaa..As though I have never seen a cow in my whole life.
Well, I was really excited to be here ^^

Everybody on the bus started snapping pictures of the wind turbines.
Believe it a not, I came here for the wind turbines! ㅎㅎㅎ

More pictures of wind turbines to come in the next post.
I couldn't hold my excitement and took these pictures from the bus.


  1. the wind turbine remind me of the romantic & idol in jeju-do ;). hahahhaha.... omg so high the calories for the biscuit.

  2. Awesome! Am planning to visit it next year and your post came in handy!