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17 Oct 2012 - Getting to 팬케익오리지날스토리 Pancakes Original Story

The depression mode sets in again.  Two days left in Seoul before I fly back to Singapore. I am so sad and the only thing I look forward was today's breakfast at 팬케익오리지날스토리 Pancakes Original Story.

I took the subway from Myeongdong to Hannam Station, which took about 21mins. Hmm...I am still a bit confused with the Jungang line. The online information to get to Pancakes Original Story was very very limited but I wanted very much to try their brunch after reading so many good reviews. I couldn't find the exact directions from the Internet to get to the shop, and some bloggers said to take exit 1 of Hannam Station.  I saw only one exit at the station and all I had was the address of the shop(which was not very helpful), so I decided to take my chances.  I hoped it will not be too difficult to locate the shop becos a hungry woman is an angry woman. Hahahahaaa...Well, I can't think well when I don't have my breakfast.

I walked straight from exit 1 for about 2 mins and reached the main road.
Ermmm which way should I go?
Left or right??

This is what I saw on my left.

And this is my right. ..
I took the left and crossed the road.  It was the wrong decision and I shall not describe it here to confuse you. The correct way to Pancakes Original Story is to take the right turn when you reach the main road. 

You will see this building after you turn right.

Walk straight all the way after you turn right.

You will pass by this bus stop called,"한남역 Hannam Station"

Continue to walk straight..

Walk on...

You will pass by this bus stop called, "순천향병 원입구 SoonChunhyang university hospital". Continue to walk straight and cross the road to your left, ie you will need to get to the point where the orange arrow is pointing.

Cross this main road and get to the point where the orange arrow is pointing. 
It will take about 10 mins from Hannam Station, exit 1 to reach here.
Cross the road again as shown by the green arrow.
I started out in the wrong direction, so I walked a lot before arriving at this junction.
 At this point of time, I asked a Korean girl for directions by showing her the address)

Yup, cross the road.
Pancakes Original Story is two minutes away from here!!!

Cross the road and get to the point where the arrow is pointing.
Walk up the small slope.

Yup. Walk up this small slope.

Tadaaa! I found it!
A big thanks to the Korean girl ^^

I met the Korean Girl at the traffic junction and showed her the address. She used her handphone to check the location. Unfortunately, the network connection was very slow and she has never heard of Pancakes Original Story even though her office is nearby. Her English was limited but we understood each other. She told me that I could be in the wrong vicinity and the shop should be somewhere near Hannam Station. I asked her is there only one exit at Hannam Station. She replied,"Yes". Although I didn't feel that Pancakes Original Story is somewhere around the subway station, I still made my way back..Haizz...should I give up??? 

We parted at the traffic junction. Just as I was making my way back to the station, something told me to turn around(I don't know why). To my surprise! The Korean girl was waiving frantically to me from the opposite side of the road! She was standing here on the slope waiving to me and pointing to this shop. Mind you, it was quite a distance and I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Hahaha..
She waited for me to cross the road and showed me the shop. I am so grateful to her. Once again, 정말 고맙습니다 to this Korean lady.  

I think I was grinning from ear to ear when I saw the shop ㅋㅋㅋ
I am finally here!!!

Close on Sunday.
I peeped into the shop and saw that the place was pretty small. The tables were almost taken up, so I thought of taking the seats outside. The waitress suggested that I should sit inside becos its cold outside. I saw warm blankets provided on the seats outside but I took the advice and went in. 예. 오늘이 정말 추워서 It was very cold that day.

The place was very small but cosy.  I liked ^^
I asked the waitress if I could take pictures.
She said she need to check with the boss.

I think its only polite to ask for permission before you start taking pictures. I told the waitress that I will take pictures of my own food.  She got back to me and said ok. Ermm..죄송합니다. I took some pictures of the shop using my S3 while waiting for my food.  It was such a nice place that I couldn't resist not to take pictures. I think good things are meant to be shared. 

Take note of the operating hours.

Of course, English translation is provided ^^

I ordered Caravansary and a cup of hot green tea latte(My favourite!) ^^
I could smell the eggs and bacon cooking on the stove as I waited for my breakfast!
Oh gosh, I am so hungry!!

잘 먹고 ^^

맛있겠다!!  Simply yummy!!!  If you have read about my visit to Butterfinger, you will know that I love the pancakes there. So which is better, Butterfinger or Pancakes Original Story?? I would prefer the pancakes and scrambled eggs at Butterfingers. The rest of the food on this plate tasted better than the set I had at Butterfinger.  As for ambience, I would definitely go for Pancakes Original Story.  

Testimonials ^^

Will I come back again?
Of course, I will!
I will recommend both Butterfinger and Pancakes 
Original Story to my friends ^^

Making my way back to Hannam Station.  
It was pretty cold that day but the sky was so beautiful.
I miss you, beautiful sky and clouds.

I took the same route back to Hannam Station.  That was exit 1 in the picture.
This stairway leads to the main road.  

Walk up the stairway and you will see this main road. Facing the main road and turn left, it may lead you to the traffic junction where I met the Korean girl (Maybe). Well, I didn't try taking this route though.  All the pictures shown above for directions were taken on my way back to the station.

Saw this from the stairway.  Nice ^^
I decided not to check out this residential area but to proceed to my next stop, Danggogae Station. 

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