Thursday, 27 December 2012

17 Oct 2012 - Neighbourhood at 당고개역 Danggogae Station, exit 4 & 2

I went back to Danggogae Station and this time, I took exit 4.  

Saw this when I came out from exit 4.

More stalls. 

The area at exit 4 looks like a market to me.  It may not be a big market but I guessed enough to provide the basic necessity for the residents here.

Directly below the railway tracks. 

Hmmm..What is the purpose of this slope?
As a channel to discharge rain water and waste water?
I'm not sure.  Just curious.

I walked over to the area at exit 2.

Decided to go back to the subway station.

View from the subway station.
Next stop is Hyehwa station, exit 2 for a super early dinner!


  1. Hi, We are going there to this coming Oct 1 - 8 ... Cheers

  2. May I know where is the place of your background pic ? Thanks

    1. Hi Ronald. U mean the background picture of my blog? It was taken at Naksan park. You may want to check out my post at

      Enjoy your trip!