Sunday, 2 December 2012

14 Oct 2012 - Getting to Cheongpyeongsa Temple 청평사

The ferry ride took about 10 mins.
There were many people and I just follow the crowd.

At this point of time, everyone dispersed into different directions!
Oh gosh, which direction should I take?
I followed my gut feel and walked through this eating place....

After I passed the eating place, I saw the sign board 청평사 ie Cheongpyeongsa.
Great!  I'm on the right track ^^

There was only one route from here. Just follow through to reach the temple.

Passed through another eating place.

I wonder what is this.
It seems like a local specialty becos almost all the eating places were selling this.

Plenty of eating places along the way to the temple.

Hmm...I wanted to experience eating at one of these street stalls.

Yup. Only one route to take. 

Another 1.5km to reach the temple.

Bought my ticket here but the temple is about another 15-20 mins walk from here.

KRW2000 for admission.

Woww..that's cool!  
I would love to experience eating on those big tables by the stream.
On second thought, I hope the table doesn't collapse when I was halfway through my meal!

A pleasant walk becos of the beautiful scenery and cooling weather ^^

I didn't take note of the sound though..

Another 430m to go.

I love it here! 

View of the fall from the top. 

Woww..."仙洞橋".   Am I entering into a land of fairies?  ㅋㅋㅋ
Cos "仙" means "Fairy". "洞" means "Cave" in this sentence and "橋" means "Bridge".

*Picture taken by S3 and effect by Instagram.

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