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17 Oct 2012 - Early dinner at 성북동 돼지갈비집

I took the subway to Hyehwa Station, exit 2. 
From exit 2, walk straight for 2 mins to reach that bus stop(as shown by the arrow) for bus no. 2112.

I was at the bus stop nearest to Hyehwa Station, exit 2 and I have to alight at 쌍다리앞.  The arrow is pointing to 마로니에공원 Marronnier Park, where exit 2 is also the exit to the park . Actually, I don't understand this bus route. There was no indication of my location cos usually there will be a red marking to indicate. In this instance, it seems like I was going in the opposite direction.  Hahahaa....On top of that,  I was also  puzzled to see two Hyehwa stations on the bus route. Perhaps different exits of Hyehwa Station or some landmarks near the station.  I don't know what makes me so confident to take the bus from here.  Anyway, I took bus 2112 and got off at Ssangdariap 쌍다리앞.

Here comes my bus at 3.18pm.  Announcements of the bus stop was made in Korean and English.   

This was what I saw after getting off from the bus.  The bus ride took less than 10 mins.

Looking around the surroundings..

From the bus stop, I need to cross the road to get to Seongbukdong Dwaejigalbijip 성북동 돼지갈비집 for my dinner.

It took me 3 mins from the bus stop to reach here.  I came to know about Seongbukdong Dwaejigalbijip 성북동 돼지갈비집 from VisitSeoul

I am going to have my early dinner.  What about them??
Unlike in Singapore, I noticed Korean restaurants are not closed in the afternoon.

Oh yeah..a super early dinner for me ㅎㅎㅎ

1) 돼지갈비백반 Dwejigalbi Baekban (set meal with grilled pork ribs) KRW7000 
2) 돼지불백 Dweji bul baekban (set meal with spicy stir-fried pork) KRW6500 
3) 주물럭살백반 Jumulleok Baekban (set meal with grilled pork and soy sauce) KRW6500 
4) 반반 Ban Ban ( 떡갈비 Tteokgalbi + 불백 Bul baek) KRW6500

"반반" sounds really cute!!  "반" sounds quite similar to its Chinese pronunciation, "半". I assumed Seongbukdong Dwaejigalbijip 성북동 돼지갈비집 served only pork and no beef. 반반 seems like a good choice to try more varieties but I didn't ordered that. I ordered 돼지갈비백반 Dwejigalbi Baekban instead. I love Korean baekban and this was one of the reason why I came here.

Looks good!  잘 먹고 ^^

Ummm...It felt like home cooked food  ^^
I won't say its especially delicious but I enjoyed the meal.
Meat lovers may not be satisfied becos the serving is not a lot and the meat were quite thinly sliced.

Facing the main road, turn to your left and walk to the bus stop as shown in this picture.  

That's the red marking I was talking about. 
I didn't alight at the same bus stop becos I thought I have reached Hyehwa Station. is still Hyehwa Station but different locations to the train station.

I got off at this bus stop, 혜화역. 서울연극센터 (장면총리가옥) as shown in the above picture.

신선설농탕 Sinseon Seolneongtang is behind the bus stop.

I walked further up and saw this.  Oh, I came here before.
Okie, I knew my location ^^

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