Wednesday, 19 December 2012

16 Oct 2012 - Damn sad ㅠㅠ

I can't wait to eat my ICE CREAM!!!

Shocking news : No Ice Cream that day!!!
A Korean family with three young children came in and wanted to place their order for ice cream. The children looked so disappointed when they heard there was no ice cream. Me too. Damn sad ㅠㅠ  How could they....we came a long long way....

I walked to the cafe next door to see if there's any ice cream..

Well, you can't even buy a scoop of ice cream even if you don't mind the limited choices becos there was nobody at the ice cream counter.  This cafe sells mainly instant cups ramyeon and they have this ice cream counter as well.  You can buy a cup of ramyeon and eat at the cafe. The Korean family also came into this cafe. Once again, we were disappointed that we couldn't buy any of their ice cream!! The staff at the ramyeon counter told us no ice cream..

To the Koreans : If this brings you back down memory lane..

Bought these.
I love dairy products ^^

I don't like the Popeye crackers but the cheesecake was not bad, and the milk was superb!  In fact, I went back to the store and bought two more bottles of milk! 

Many Koreans bought boxes of ramyeon. I didn't want to carry so many things back to Seoul and the thought of a heavy luggage is really a turn off.  After contemplating for a long time, I decided to buy a packet of ramyeon back...Hahahaaa...

Making my way to the carpark.
I called the same taxi driver at 1pm and he arrived 10 mins later. 
The taxi uncle charged me the same fees, KRW12000 for the return trip.
The temperature shown on the taxi meter was 19 degree Celsius but why was it so hot??
*Picture taken by S3, effect by Instagram

I reached Hoenggye 횡계 bus terminal at 1.25pm and missed the bus that departs at 1.20pm.  I should have called the taxi uncle earlier..

Waiting for my bus..
That was the convenient store which I bought my wholemeal choco digestive biscuits this morning.

The bus left at 1.55pm sharp and soon arrived at Jinbu Bus Terminal 진부공용버스정류장 at 2.12pm. Drove off shortly and arrived at 장평 Jangpyeong Bus Terminal at 2.34pm and left at 2.38pm. Not much time for one to take a toilet break. I reached Dong Seoul Bus Terminal at 4.28pm. In my previous trip, the bus journey from Hoenggye 횡계 bus terminal to Dong Seoul took 2hr 37mins. Whereas, this time the bus journey took 3hrs 8mins.  
A big thanks to Emily and Equinox for their introduction on Samyang Ranch ^^


  1. does the driver can speak and understand english?

    1. Hmm...dun think so maybe only the name of the destinations.

    2. Hmm...dun think so maybe only the name of the destinations.